The 2012 Short Story Hugo Nominees

As you may have heard, the nominations for this year’s Hugo Awards are out, and I am nominated in the Short Story category for my completely ridiculous April Fool’s tale “The Shadow War of the Night Dragons: Book One: The Dead City: Prologue.” I am of course delighted. But there are four other stories that have made the cut, and they, too, are excellent. Have you read them? If you have, then congratulations, you are awesome. If you have not, well, let’s fix that.

So: Below, the links to all of this year’s Hugo Short Story nominees. Read them, enjoy them, and, if you plan on voting for the Hugo this year, consider how you’ll rank them for this year’s ballot. It’s going to be tough to pick a favorite, I know. But it wouldn’t be fun if it were easy.


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I can proofread your short story

I would be more than happy to proofread this for you. I have to years on successful online article writing experience and have written more short stories than I can count. I have yet to publish any of them (haven't been working too hard to do that... yet.) I'm also an experienced reader. I read ALL OF THE TIME.
I can't claim any college or publishing experience, but I have a good eye.
If you'd like to have me on board, I could have the first proofread finished in two days.

Selling Online

Here's my situation. I have a collection of around 50 short stories
that I'd like to sell online, individually, multiple times to multiple readers.
I only want to sell the right to read them, NOT the right to print or otherwise duplicate / distribute / repost them.
I don't care if the delivery system is an online page the customer reads, or if the story gets delivered to them via
email as a document that they cannot copy, as long as it's a very cheap and reasonably secure method. I'm operating on a shoestring budget, and have zero experience or computer knowledge

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  • Avatar Nomi Malone Croatian into Serbian?
    Mar 18, 2010 by Nomi Malone | Posted in Languages

    Hi I need help translating this from Croatian to Serbian:

    Netko skače - Neko skoči? (Someone is jumping)
    Svi skaču - (Everyone is jumping)
    Nitko ne skače - Niko ne skoči? (No one is j …erything is in the bag)
    Netko jede i gleda televiziju - Neko jede i gleda televizor? (Someone is eating and watching tv)
    Netko još ne pliva - (Someone isn't swiming yet)


    • These sentences are identical in both languages, except words for "someone" and "no one".
      someone = neko (Serbian) = netko (Croatian)
      no one = niko (Serbian) = nitko (Croatian)
      Th … However among common native speakers there are many who doesn't always make this distinction.
      There is similar situation in English - many people just say "TV" whether they mean broadcast or appliance.