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MSSWG smallOnline writing groups for non-fiction, short stories, novels, poetry and scripts – see below…

As I walked my dog around the park on Sunday 6th January 2013, the idea came to me of setting up an online short story writing group, as an extension of critique I give on this blog.

I’ve set up a Feedback section on this blog, but that’s just a list of readers / writers willing / offering to provide feedback and they then go off and talk amongst themselves (hopefully!). But I know from my Red Pen Critique slot, how useful open critique is to other writers. Hence, Morgen’s Online Short Story Writing Group was born, and while I was designing it, Morgen’s Online Poetry Writing Group formed in my brain.

MONWG smallI post your stories or poems on the relevant home page (when I have them) at the weekends then list them within the relevant genre / form headings for readers to enjoy and let you know what they thought (positively / constructively). It will be fiction prose and poetry only, sorry non-fiction authors. In the week, I post four 15-minute writing prompts a day to get you writing!

For the short story site, there’s no lower word count limit so if you have a 50-word story you’re burning to share then feel free to send it to me. Because of my existing workload (stupidly busy) I am asking for a 5, 000-word upper limit but much more than that and it strays into novelette territory anyway.

There’ll be no payment for the stories or poems put on these blogs because it’s all about feedback.MSSWG small tc.

Each story or poem can carry below it a 250-word max third-person biography of the author, one contact link (e.g. their website), one photograph of themselves (if they wish to include one) and / or a cover of their latest (or favourite) book (if they have one).

To submit your stories, see Short Story submissions / Poetry submissions.

NEW!! There’s now Morgen’s Online Novel Writing Group for critique of novel extracts, Morgen’s Online Script Writing Group for script extracts and for nonfiction, Morgen’s Online Non-Fiction Writing Group.

MPWG smallEach group has its own Facebook group:

Each new posting is advertised on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Yahoo profiles so it is a chance for extra traffic to your website too.

There are also two extra sections on each blog, just for visitors (you!)…

  • Q&A: where writers / readers ask and answer questions;

I shall be monitoring comments on both sites, so please leave positive / constructive feedback. Anything spiteful will be removed (or not approved in the first place).


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The 5-45 Minute Short Story Club

The innaugural selection (mine) for this club-within-a-club-within-a-forum, 'War' by Luigi Pirandello, was universally panned by all who read it.
However, the idea is sound and best of all, easy:
Anyone at anytime can post a link to an online short story and start a spontaneous discussion with anyone else who's around and interested.
Oh, one last thing about the LitFo Book Club: I left off YOUR favorite woman writer, I'm sure, so feel free to add to the list of writers/books up for the next selection.
Here's an interesting recommendation from Osonegro:

Rakuten to Buy Voice-Call App Maker Viber  — Wall Street Journal
Among its major investments in the last four years are a stake in U.S. online scrapbooking-site Pinterestand the acquisition of Canadian e-book firm Kobo for $315 million in 2012. Since 2012, Mr.

Short Stories Online. Sharing Online …
Short Stories Online. Sharing Online …
short story
short story
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Family Bible Story Book Short Version

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  • Avatar Nomi Malone Croatian into Serbian?
    Mar 18, 2010 by Nomi Malone | Posted in Languages

    Hi I need help translating this from Croatian to Serbian:

    Netko skače - Neko skoči? (Someone is jumping)
    Svi skaču - (Everyone is jumping)
    Nitko ne skače - Niko ne skoči? (No one is j …erything is in the bag)
    Netko jede i gleda televiziju - Neko jede i gleda televizor? (Someone is eating and watching tv)
    Netko još ne pliva - (Someone isn't swiming yet)


    • These sentences are identical in both languages, except words for "someone" and "no one".
      someone = neko (Serbian) = netko (Croatian)
      no one = niko (Serbian) = nitko (Croatian)
      Th … However among common native speakers there are many who doesn't always make this distinction.
      There is similar situation in English - many people just say "TV" whether they mean broadcast or appliance.