SDCC | Designer Olly Moss Talks Movie Posters, Comics and ‘The Simpsons’

olly mossOlly Moss might only be in his mid-20s, but he’s already become one of the most sought-after graphic designers in the world, thanks to his work with elite poster company Mondo. His limited-edition movie posters, which include popular Lord of the Rings and Star Wars sets, regularly fetch hundreds of dollars online.

Moss’ work isn’t limited to movie posters, however; he’s also created covers for the comic Before Watchmen and the video game Resistance 3, earning him even more acclaim.

The artist spoke with Spinoff Online on the final day of Comic-Con International about his latest Mondo work for the event, how he became friends with The Losers artist Jock, his creative process, and much more.

olly moss-oscarsSpinoff Online: I heard from Jock you just went to walk around the con floor for the first time this year. What cool stuff did you see?

Olly Moss: I literally just went to check it out. There were a few things that I saw, but mostly I was just stuck behind people. [laughs]

I was here last year and I don’t remember Sundays being this busy. I feel like the hall is busier today than it was yesterday.

Kevin Dart runs a booth, and he always brings amazing prints and stuff. He actually had a cool new vinyl toy. He does this thing called Yuki 7. It’s a kid’s book and might become a cartoon at some point, but he had a vinyl toy of it that was just amazing. He’s one of those guys that are so far on another level that it just blows your mind.

mondo1Are you representing Mondo at the con this year?

Well, I’m here representing myself, but I did some stuff for Mondo. I did Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castles posters for them.

How have sales been?

Much calmer than last year, because we did the online pre-sales. It was really leisurely, no pushing or shoving or craziness like that. I was happy with how they came out, very nice prints.

Moss with Rick Baker in 2011What does it feel like to go from being a student to the top of the design game in just a few short years?

I don’t know if I’m the top of the design game. [laughs]

But it’s great. The only real difference from when I was starting out is now I get to pick the work I want to do, which is really nice. It keeps me from getting too bored. That’s the best thing, getting to work on the stuff you really want to, it just makes the work better.

What’s an example of a project you were able to choose for yourself now that you have some clout?

The Oscars poster was one. I mean, obviously it was a great opportunity either way, but I really, really wanted to work on it. To be able to spend as much time as it required making that thing good was nice. I had an idea I liked and they liked, but it was really, really work intensive. It was nice to not have to take on other work at the time, which would have pushed it back. I got to focus on one thing for a long amount of time and make it a really good piece.

You’re good friends with fellow Mondo poster artist Jock, and he told me you guys first met when you worked on the end credits for the 2010 film adaptation of The Losers. How did that come about?


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