Tomie dePaola and a Strega Nona Freebie

One of my very favorite authors is Tomie dePaola. I just love his themes and his illustrations. I also love that you can just about find a Tomie book to teach any comprehension strategy or skill. Many of his books are based on his memories from childhood and all of his books are a teacher's dream for teaching about text connections, point of view, author's purpose, generalizations, prior knowledge, drawing conclusions, cause and effect, problem/solution….I could go on and on!

My team and I like to do author studies during our fourth quarter and include all of our projects as part of our end of the year open house. Of course in our class, we learned all about Tomie dePaola and read every Tomie book we could squeeze in! My kiddos were already familiar with this author as my district uses Houghton Mifflin Reading and two of his books are included in our second grade reading curriculum, The Art Lesson and Little Grunt and the Big Egg. My kids love those stories and all things
Tomie as much as I do!

Here are some of the things we did during our author study:

We started out by reading The Art Lesson and talking about the author's viewpoint. This was a bit tricky for some of my kiddos. It took a bit of discussion and some "I wonder if-ing" on my part to get my second graders in the mindset of putting themselves in the author's shoes, but once they got there they took off running!

As we created this anchor chart, we discussed some of the things the main character says and does and what insight that might give us into how the author thinks and feels.

We made a little author's viewpoint craftivity, but all I have is this sad little picture. I thought I took pictures of some finished work but can't for the life of me find them now! Darn it.

Here are some of the things we did with Little Grunt and the Big Egg.

I love these little problem/solution dinosaur eggs!

We spent the next two weeks reading many of the Strega Nona books. I love these books, they are my all time favorites! We talked alot about theme, prior knowledge, text-to-text connections and cause and effect with these.

Tomie dePaola uses a lot of Italian words in the Strega Nona stories so we began to collect them on an anchor chart. Next year, I'll have students use sticky notes and add them as they find them in the stories. We also made these little Italian dictionaries. The pages get cut apart and stapled into a little book.

Here are a few of the graphic organizers my kiddos made. We compared, described, defined and formed analogies every which way! I had students write text evidence in the frame of reference next to their entries.

This is a problem/solution flap book we made.

These are some of the anchor charts we made beforehand.

I projected this little anchor chart on my SMARTBoard while reviewing cause and effect

with my kiddos. They then made Big Anthony cause and effect tri-folds.

After reading Strega Nona Takes a Vacation, students imagined where else Strega Nona might travel and wrote postcards home from Strega Nona's point of view.

On an "armadillo watch" in Texas!

Cruisin' in a limo in Hollywood!

The back says" I wish you were here to stop this ride!

We also did this little writing activity to remind Big Anthony about some very important things! The girls were Strega Nona, the boys Big Anthony. My kids had no idea what tying a string on your finger meant! When I explained it, one little cutie said,
"My dad just sets his phone."!
Of course, I was thrilled when most of my kids wrote about the important things to remember when regrouping, telling time, dividing words into syllables etc. and then there was
"When it's time to go to bed, don't forget to turn off the tv if you hear your Mom coming."
I love that one!
I really fell down on the job when it came to getting pictures of those!
Maybe I need a string on my finger to help me remember to take pictures!

"When you play with your Legos don't forget to put them away. If you don't there would be no more space for lunch and my baby brother could choke on them."


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Publishing books online?

Although I prefer to read a real book, there are plenty of times when it would make better sense for me to have the book as a file so I could read it on my computer.
Do you think the day is coming where books will be sold as online/file versions along with traditional books and audio-books?
I seem to recall that somebody has even already tried this (was it Stephen king?)…
Certainly there would be music-industry-type profit concerns since people could share files P2P etc, but, hard to stop technology. And personally this is something I want, and the customer is always right
Of course plenty of public domain and public domain-ish writers like Poe and Lovecraft already have their entire bodies of work online

Is anyone here making an income as an author?

I read an article where Stephen King wrote that after expenses he only makes a little over 100K.
I used to make over 100K in software.
I authored a book that is selling fairly well. At least it is in Costo, Sam's Club etc.
There are many books I want to write. But most publishers only pay 10% royalties (based on what they sell the books for).
I also have some additional income teaching online. I can put my coursware into books too.
I know there is a literary forum. But I'm more wondering if anyone here is actually making a living income as a author.

Don't think it will happen...

Like you, there's nothing like having a solid book in hand to read. And it was Stephen King who was going for the online market of readers.
Unfortunately, if you google the concept, there isn't a market for online books. I do however see your point - and think - it would be a great opportunity for authors to publish the "before edit / original version" of their book. Meaning authors would be able to get their voice heard clearly before a junior-editor gets hold of it.
As a writer - I have to read it on paper in order to truly appreciate the beauty of the work. However, I do purchase audio versions of certain self-help books.

I'm still waiting for my check from

Yeh, sk's been reading literary authors lately, and has decided to be one himself!.
i dunno. that's a quaint thought. maybe he feels like he has something to say, and wants to make appearances, and do book tours. maybe he just thinks it will help sales, and it's a good idea to help sales, whether he's stephen king or not. rock stars make appearances and go on tour,so why not writers, eh?
i'm septikal about sk as a literary author. i did enjoy his long essay where he attacked literary author nicholson baker (quite viciously, i gotta say) but ive never read baker before, and honestly, king's attack on him just piqued my interest in baker as an author

Rakuten to Buy Voice-Call App Maker Viber  — Wall Street Journal
Among its major investments in the last four years are a stake in U.S. online scrapbooking-site Pinterestand the acquisition of Canadian e-book firm Kobo for $315 million in 2012. Since 2012, Mr.

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