Do you Keep Secret?

Sharing Secret?The basic theme that the book portrays is that one should never be afraid to be one’s real self. Our leading heroine is EMMA Corrigan, who is a normal ‘just another girl on the street’ although she is a bit too nervous and hyper tensed all the time and thinks too much. The reader might get irritated as her mind never shuts up. She is unhappy with her career, her family and is not actually in love with her current boyfriend. She meets a man in a plane and in a moment when she thinks that the plane is going to crash and everybody is going to die, she pours her soul out and tells all her deepest secrets to the man. The man turns out to be her super boss (he owns the company where she works) and then starts the cycle of teasing, double meaning comments and the girl mostly is clueless as she has no idea about the man’s intentions and is unaware as to his any secrets. They start dating after she breaks up with her old boy friend but something happens, as usual misunderstandings are created, he reveals all her secrets on the national television and she thinks he used her for his selfish interests. I don’t want to go on further and spoil the fun by hinting the climax.

I actually like the idea that even if someone knows all your secrets and still loves you anyway, its love. It might make you laugh at times with its witty jokes and funny circumstances. It’s actually a book one could use for time pass and I mean strictly for time pass.

Overall: just another chick-lit, girls might like it, the idea is good but the story gets a bit boring and way too predictable, nothing like a great romance, can be used for passing time but I personally won’t recommend it.


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Read this first.

The following list focuses on specific things you shouldn't do. Note that this list applies only to short fiction (the rules for novels are different) and only to speculative fiction (I don't know enough about nonfiction, literary fiction, horror, or other genres to give good advice).
* Don't query before submitting short fiction to an sf magazine, unless there's something specific about the story that makes it fall outside the stated guidelines.
* If you do query, don't provide a synopsis of your story. (Again, the rules are different for novels etc.)

Couldn't have said it better myself!!

My wife of 14 years decided that she was going to use myspace, adutfriendfinder and other websites to keep herself busy while I was in Iraq. She fabricated 7 months worth of stories which became too much for her to handle or keep straight and eventually the rapid demise followed. She would leave my 10 year old alone in hotel rooms to "babysit" our 8, 2, and 1 year old...ALL NIGHT, to go have fun with guys she met online. Now this was all in other cities mind you, so there was no telling who she was really meeting and God forbid, my kids would have not had a mom come home in the morning because she was in a trunk of some killers car or something

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  • Avatar Historical District Where Can I Read The Sherlock Holmes Stories Online?
    Feb 16, 2010 by Historical District | Posted in Books & Authors

    I tried Googling it but I couldn't find much. The library in my town has a very low collection of books and they don't have anything I want right now, and I'm currently broke right now. Does any one know of a website where I can read them, or download a file?

    • Check out Stanford University's Discovering Sherlock Holmes series:
      this helps.

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    I need to do a sherlock holmes essay, does anyone know anything about these books?
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    If not, does anyone know where i can find these books? prefebly free online.

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    • All three stories can be found in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This title, with all 3 stories, can be read:
      a description of the stories (with more detail than I could give), with some spoilers, check:
      The Red-Headed League - Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle - Adventure of the Copper Beeches - are all really good stories, well worth reading.

      I hope this helps.