The hidden treasures of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

One of the most fun parts of Scott Pilgrim is finding out how deeply ingrained you are in the target audience by trying to catch every reference, allusion and shout-out in the film. Some are obvious, some less so – here, we’ve compiled a few from almost every medium referenced in the film. Are you geek enough to have spotted them all?

1. X-static

In the movies, like the comics, Scott wears a round ‘X’ insignia on his arm, but unlike the comics, he’s never pressed to explain its relevance. Even before they’ve read the first Scott Pilgrim book, hardened geeks will know that, obviously, Scott wears this logo because he went to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. The patch does still get its moment in the movie spotlight, though, when Scott tears it from his arm while trying to escape the shadow of the ‘X’es around him.

Bonus X-Men reference: When the fourth Evil Ex, Roxy, teleports herself around with her (half-)ninja powers, the special effect is uncannily similar to Nightcrawler’s from X-Men 2.

2. A link to Link (several, in fact)

There are few gaming protagonists as popular as the 8/16-bit stalwarts, Mario and Sonic, but undoubtedly, Link, the green-clad hero of the Legend Of Zelda games, is up there. The Scott Pilgrim movie has barely started when the initial narration segues into the opening musical cue from 1992 SNES RPG, A Link To The Past. Moments later, Scott answers the door to Knives, eliciting a pair of Zelda sound effects, and shortly after that, the sketchy visuals of the opening credits provide our first glimpse of Gideon’s inverted Tri-force-referencing GGG logo. at, these references eliminated it very early on.

Bonus Zelda references: From its mention as Neil’s favourite game, to the Dark Link-inspired look of NegaScott, there are too many Zelda references to count without watching the whole movie looking just for them. You could probably do a top 10 of Zelda references alone.

3. Final Fantasy II (or IV)

Nothing exposes an embarrassing attempt to look cool than when something attempts a reference, then immediately fouls up, making it clear it has no idea what it’s talking about and is just attempting to cynically trade off the currency of cool. By contrast, Scott Pilgrim is meticulous in its details. When Scott claims to be playing the bass line from Final Fantasy II, he’s actually playing the bass line from Final Fantasy II (which, as we all know, is actually Final Fantasy IV in Japan.)

4. Culture Clash

The name of the band fronted by Natalie 'Envy' Adams (played by Brie Larson in the film) is, as we all know, The Clash at Demonhead. This is a two-for-one reference. The name itself comes wholly from the 1990 NES beat-‘em-up, The Clash At Demonhead, but also forms a pun based on the name of seminal British punk band, The Clash.


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Oh yeah, if you see me on and are itching to

Play some SSF:AE, let me know i just subscribed to PS+ over the weekend, and downloaded this game. It took forever but i got it, There's so many games to play from PS+ i was a little overwhelmed.
Didn't they release a patch for Scott Pilgrim to play online with others? I could have sword i read about that at one point. I'm really looking forward to the old style beat em ups!

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