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ILTS Course Advantages:

Over 1, 650 web pages of instruction address every tested competency in Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics found on the Test of Academic Proficiency

Perfect your test taking skills with four practice tests each for Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics. That's 12 practice tests all modeled on the test objectives from the Official ILTS Web Site, Write a sample essay, send it for evaluation, and receive a reply with helpful feedback

A results page for each practice test shows scores, items missed, and offers an opportunity to revisit any item to see how it can be correctly completed

Students are continuously informed of weaknesses/strengths. Areas of weakness are accompanied by specific comments and suggestions for improvement

Course can be completed in as few as 4 hours and as many as 15 hours depending on your instructional needs (3 hours if brief review is needed, 15 hours if more rigorous study is required)

Meets 2014 ILTS Test Specifications

Free Customer and Technical Support by Phone and Email


"We have found the TAP practice materials to be very beneficial. Our candidates have improved their scores after using the Longsdale subarea practice tests; the more practice tests they took and time invested, the greater the margin of improvement. One of our candidates went from a 217 to a 300 after using the Longdale materials - it was a happy day for her!"

Nadeen Rust, Trinity International Universtiy, Deerfield, IL

"Your program has made a distinct difference in our efforts."

J.D. Bowers
University Office of Teacher Certification
Northern Illinois University

"I have really benefited from your service. Thanks to all the practice tests I feel much more prepared. Your concept explanations are clear and to the point, and your examples and tips have been incredibly helpful! Some techniques even helped better than the ones I was taught in high school! It's also helped me remember a lot of math basics that will really help me when I study for the GRE!! Do you guys have a GRE prep service too?"


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    Mar 05, 2011 by Gene a | Posted in Comics & Animation

    I like to know more happening events on naruto shippuden. can't wait the next event.

    • I usu read it here

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    Anyone here disappointed that there only putting 4 episodes on each dvd?, o and there is only one dvd sold like one month and the second is comming out the month after that. why cant they have box sets with 20 some eps on it? anyone else feel the same way i do?
    o yea and also, 25 dollars per dvd?? wow expensive too, for only four eps

    • Yeah but you can buy each episodes on Itunes for $2 per episodes. The first 4 are out and the next for are due out Early October