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Our reading comprehension software first makes reading automatic and then trains the language, high-level thinking and comprehension skills required for college-level reading comprehension.

Here is what is required to meet the comprehension and critical thinking goals of the Common Core State Standards:

  1. Understand the main idea
  2. Monitor understanding of the sequence, context, or characters
  3. Clarify parts of the text which have confused them
  4. Connect the text to prior knowledge or experience

Reading Efficiency

Our reading comprehension software, Fast ForWord, starts by strengthening the cognitive skills needed for reading fluency & efficiency, before training reading comprehension specific skills in the second part of our program.
Our reading program pyramid steps

Improve reading comprehension skillsEssential Reading Comprehension Skills

Familiarity with Language
While most children learn the language by listening, struggling readers tend to have processing delays that impede language familiarity and dexterity.

Although our cognitive training develops listening skills, it cannot make up for years of imperfect listening. And so, our reading comprehension programs address language skills, specifically vocabulary and language structure, including syntax, spelling and grammar.

Thinking While Reading
Accomplished readers constantly compare the text to their understanding of the world. For most struggling readers, this is difficult. Our program develops thinking while reading using reading comprehension exercises where students learn to decode subconsciously while the mind focuses on an analytical task.


Townsend Press Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills, 5th Edition
Book (Townsend Press)

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