On Daco Monday 's Waiting for Godot @ SperimentArt on Tanalois

ush Underwood: what do we see ?
Apmel Meerson: Daco's exhibition Aspettando Godot
ush Underwood: we see boxes with numbers
Apmel Meerson: only one number.. 12
ush Underwood: now we know more
Apmel Meerson: we maybe are waiting for noon to come?
ush Underwood: 12 has sure a meaning or 12 meanings

Apmel Meerson: yes and the two big birds with pictures of Marx in their beaks
ush Underwood: indeed ..
ush Underwood: a more greenish and a more reddish
ush Underwood: we must analyse very careful
Apmel Meerson: I trust you will

Apmel Meerson: this clock is broken
ush Underwood: somebody broke it
ush Underwood: was it godot ?
Apmel Meerson: while he was fixing an egg I think
ush Underwood: its of course a metaphor of useless waiting
ush Underwood: godot couldnt come because of lag
Apmel Meerson: waiting is the goal

Apmel Meerson: there are more pics of Marx here..one over a table with billiard balls that are eyes
ush Underwood: what did marx write about eyes in a drawer ?
Apmel Meerson: not much
ush Underwood: i was parking today in front of a house .. where they sell glass eyes
Apmel Meerson: ahhh.. a connection!
ush Underwood: we must be very very careful with interpreting
Apmel Meerson: yes very
ush Underwood: one wrong step could cause a crash
Apmel Meerson: yes..and all the eyes will fall on the floor
Apmel Meerson: that is what we all are waiting for

ush Underwood: a dangerous pavement here
Apmel Meerson: and flying cigarettes!
Apmel Meerson: and a shot gun
ush Underwood: the cigarettes they were smoking while waiting
Apmel Meerson: of course

Apmel Meerson: ah.. I think I´ve figured this out now.. Daco is in the box in front of the gun ..and he is doing the quantum immmortality experiment
Apmel Meerson: so we are all waiting for immortality
ush Underwood: i wont wait .. i want immortality NOW
Apmel Meerson: ok ok
ush Underwood: but it needs a infinite time to get sure of immortality

Apmel Meerson: strange Daco isn´t here for the opening other than being a pic in a box being shot at

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