Teens prefer reading news online to Twitter

PEW teens read newsWill the next generation read news reports? It looks like it. Some 62% of US internet users aged 12 to 17 are going online for news and political information or find out about current events, said a study conducted by the Pew Research Center published yesterday. During special events such as general elections news consumption rose to 77%.

It also stands up well compared with the 72% of adult internet users who get their news online, a number that has held fairly constant since 2002 according to Pew. In general, it says the use of online news has increased dramatically since its first analysis, in 2000, when it found just 35% of online adults were reading political news online.

As was expected in all age groups educational attainment and income are positively correlated with getting news online: 81% of college educated internet users get their news online, a figure that drops to 59% with a lower education.

Blogging, on the other hand, may become more and more of a side issue. In fact, among all the content creating activities the decline in blogging among teens and young adults is striking as it looks like the youth may be exchanging "macro-blogging" for microblogging with status updates. Since 2006 blogging among teens has dropped from 28% to 14% and among young adults (aged 18 to 29) by 24% to 15%. Some 11% of those aged 30 and over now maintain a personal blog, and 14% of them maintain a personal website.

According to the research, 26% of adults post comments online, a while 30% share online content. Teens on the other hand are enthusiastic online commenters within the social networks. A massive 86% of social networking teens post comments to a friend's page or wall on a social network site and 83% post comments on friends' photos posted to an online social network.

They don't really like to use Twitter, though. While 19% of adult internet users use Twitter or similar services to post short status updates and view those of others, only 8% of 12- to 17-year-olds do so.

Young adults lead the way when it comes to using Twitter or status updates as a third of 18- to 29-year-olds post or read status updates, and they are also the only age group which prefers to use laptop computers to desktop computers.

Source: www.theguardian.com

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I'm amazed on what people write about online.

I have never read blogs or online journels before. I'm an idiot when it comes to these things.
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Copyright/trademark question

I just started writing an advice column, and had picked a name out for the column. I want to eventually trademark the name, and searched through the government's database, and so far no one has trademarked it.
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From reading both their sites, I don't see that either is trademarked or copyrighted. So my question is can I use the name, OR by them p

OMG your TEENAGER is RUDE! Saints preserve us!

Welcome to the wonderful world of teenagers.
They are as a whole: rude, mouthy, moody, cranky, lazy, arguementative, willful, stubborn, hateful, explosive, bad tempered tantrum throwing little creatures.
By the time she gets through these years you will be on your knees praying for the terrible 2's.
I like Old Mom's advice the best, talk to her.
Let her know you are not the enemy, but by the same token you are not her punching bag.
She WILL show respect, or she WILL NOT have (insert favorite freedom here).
Give her some space but let her know she can depend on you to be there when she needs you

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