Online reading enrichment program for kids

Kids work at their skill level, not grade level

An award-winning online reading program for kids

Young kids learn to read; for the rest of their lives, they read to learn. We want every child to become a great reader.

Our online reading program will help build your child’s confidence and love of reading.

Research-based reading activities

Our online reading curriculum is based on instructional guidelines laid out by the National Reading Panel, and on best practices employed by teachers and reading specialists. Our reading program includes over 1, 500 tutorials and activities.

5 key reading skills

Our kindergarten through grade 5 online reading curriculum covers 5 key skill areas:

Online reading lessons personalized for your child

Lessons that are too easy are boring. Lessons that are too hard are frustrating. We place students according to their skills, not their grade levels. A child may be placed at an early grade 3 level in phonics and a mid-grade 1 level in vocabulary, or vice versa. Our Guide to Reading Levels summarizes the material taught at each level.

Kids work independently

K5 minimizes the burden on parents. Point and click interfaces and repeated spoken instructions allow kids as young as 4 to use K5 Reading independently.

Kids don’t watch, they interact

The lessons are highly interactive, continually prompting the student to respond. This is critical in maintaining children’s focus and generating positive learning outcomes.

Lesson sequence is controlled

Reading lessons are automatically chosen by the system. Kids cannot choose lessons at an inappropriate level or continue to repeat ‘fun’ lessons that they have already mastered.

Full instruction, not just quizzes

All of our lessons start with an interactive tutorial so kids can learn new materials, not just practice what they have learned elsewhere. Tutorials are followed by practice sessions and finally a quiz.

Real world themes keep kids engaged

K5 Reading lessons are 100% online and animated with fun ‘role model’ characters and real world themes. After completing a lesson, kids move on to a new theme in a different skill area.

Feedback is immediate

K5 Reading lets your child know right away when they get something right or wrong. Kids remember better and are more motivated when they receive immediate feedback.

Interactivity + feedback = big advantage

The interactivity and immediate feedback of K5 Reading creates a learning platform with big advantages over traditional worksheets, workbooks and quizzing software.

Bite-sized lessons provide flexibility

Lessons are broken into 5-10 minute segments so that study sessions can be short and flexible. Kids learn better with short but frequent study sessions.


Carson-Dellosa Publishing Common Core Language Arts 4 Today, Grade 3: Daily Skill Practice (Common Core 4 Today)
Book (Carson-Dellosa Publishing)
  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Calories Question

Hi all -
Quick question about calorie intake. I keep reading that females who want to lose body fat should take in about 1200-1500 calories per day. And then I'll read that that isn't enough fuel, and to increase calorie intake to more. Then I did an online assessment that says I should take in over 1900 due to my activity level. Any suggestions? (BTW, I know about eating clean, and do so, so no need to discuss that.)
FYI: female, 28, 5'6-7", 120#. Run 4 miles/lift weights 6 x week, yoga 2 x week. According to the handheld body fat calculators: 17.2%, according to mathematical calcs: 25

Bogus Mass Index. Track your body fat % instead

The NPR / Keith Devlin piece spacy123 posted is excellent and is pretty much what I've been saying for some years now: BMI is the bogus mass index. The reasons given are all excellent: it's a crude, simple, 19th century pencil-and-paper rapid troop assessment metric. It's useful for demographers as the input data (height and weight) are readily available. It's worse than useless for individual assessment.
That said: 185# at 5'4" is pretty hefty. Unless you're seriously buffed out, the odds are pretty good you're reasonably seriously overweight.
Rather than BMI, look at your body fat percentage (Wikipedia)

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  • Avatar Kassidy Anyone read Legend by Marie Lu yet?
    Dec 27, 2011 by Kassidy | Posted in Books & Authors

    It's new because the Copyright date is 2011. I never saw it before yesterday. It's good so far. I'm on page 139 out of 305. I started it at 5:30ish yesterday. I'm kinda sad though. I should be farther than this. Probably 250ish but I was drawing.....

    • What is perhaps most exciting is that Lu is still young — she only graduated from the University of Southern California in 2006 — and her skill as a storyteller has many years to grow. She is the art director at Online A …ok-online" title="High School Geometry Book Online">high school and college, are doomed to a life as an uneducated worker, or disappear altogether to mysterious work camps from which none have ever returned.

  • Avatar Kassidy Anyone read Legend by Marie Lu yet? It's a new book out this year and I'm nearly done. I got it yesterday....?
    Dec 27, 2011 by Kassidy | Posted in Books & Authors
    • Legend has been on my TBR List for months now, even before it came out. I do research on books and yeah, that's how I found Legend. I finally ordered it online last night. So it'll come in a couple of days, so stoked though! Oh and if you haven't read Divergent by Veronica Roth, read it. Its one of my favorite books, its so amazing! Maybe its just because I love dystopians. Oh well. (: