The 20 Funniest Webcomics

Though reliant on a continuing story and laid out more like a comic book than a comic strip, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is a free webcomic that remains an essential read for its action, writing, art and, most importantly, its humor. Chris Hastings' six-year-old comic stars the titular character, Dr. McNinja, a ninja who is also a doctor and follows him on adventures that are equal parts exciting and hilarious.


Raynato Castro and Alex Culang find a happy medium between the cleverness of xkcd and the off-kilter twist of Perry Bible Fellowship in their own twice-weekly strip, Buttersafe. A must-read for fans of The Family Guy and The Simpsons.

Creased Comics

Brad Neely, who shot to Internet fame with his animated rap video “George Washington, ” is the creator of the incredibly random and at times very twisted Creased Comics. d Happiness

British cartoonist Kris Wilson (along with friends Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin, Dave McElfatrick and other guest cartoonists) are responsible for this sharp, slightly offensive but cutely-drawn daily webcomic. The strip is made up of stick figures, much like xkcd. But instead of riffs on math and language, Cyanide and Happiness finds its funny along the border where offensive and clever meet. Expect a little violence, a touch of shock and a whole lot of laughter.

photo courtesy of Daisy Owl

Ben Driscoll's regularly updated webcomic Daisy Owl is a narrative strip about a bear named Steve, his good friend Mr. Owl and Mr. Owl's two kids, the adopted humans Cooper and Daisy. Driscoll's comic is a rare entity in the webcomic pantheon -- it's smart, well plotted, very funny and popular online and yet, unlike, say, Penny Arcade or xkcd, you don't need a deep knowledge of video games or computer programming to get the jokes.

Dinosaur Comics

The foibles of a T-Rex and his dinosaur pals are played out in traditional strip form. Except each strip's artwork and layout is exactly the same, with brand new writing each day. The repetitive nature of the strip forces its writer/creator, Ryan North, to come up with outlandish and hilarious dialogue for each and every strip. Be sure to read through the comic's archives.

Garfield Minus Garfield

This webcomic is EXACTLY what it sounds like. Dan Walsh, with the blessing of Garfield creator Jim Davis, removes the character Garfield from Garfield comic strips, leaving Garfield's owner, Jon Arbuckle, talking to himself like a schizophrenic. One of the oddest and funniest things on the Web, period.


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Download free adult comics

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