Volume 12 of the Sailor Moon manga is out now

Sailor Moon manga vol. 12 - CoverVolume 12 of the Sailor Moon manga was released today! It is now available in stores and online. Buy it from the Amazon link included below to support the site.

This story concludes the main story of the Sailor Moon manga. This is it! Will Sailor Moon beat all the bad guys or will she be killed along with all her friends? You’ll have to read the book to find out! There will be two more books of short stories which are aside from the main continuity which will be released in the coming months.

Included as always are some nice looking colour pages.

The back of the manga features Sailor Cosmos who’s true identity is revealed in this book! Read it so that you can argue with other fans over what exactly that true identity is! If you think you know who Cosmos is because you watched the anime you could not be more misinformed!

Sailor Moon manga vol. 12 - Colour pages Sailor Moon manga vol. 12 - Back - Cosmos Luna reading vol. 12 of the Sailor Moon manga

Source: sailormoonnews.com

Kodansha Comics Sailor Moon Short Stories 2
Book (Kodansha Comics)

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Kodansha Comics Sailor Moon 1
Book (Kodansha Comics)
  • Used Book in Good Condition
sailor Moon Manga.wmv
sailor Moon Manga.wmv

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  • Avatar Horselover22 Where to read the new version of Sailor Moon manga online free?
    Feb 12, 2013 by Horselover22 | Posted in Comics & Animation

    The one that came out in October 2011 or something like that. The Mixx one bugs me with all the English names. Thanks

    • You can read the scanslated version of the new *Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon* mangas online on the scanslator's site, Miss Dream, at . Just scroll down to where it says "Download or Read Individual Chapters", th …ndividual Chapters", then click a chapter. Click a pictured page of the chapter to start reading online.

  • Avatar D Allen Where can i read sailor moon manga online?
    May 28, 2009 by D Allen | Posted in Comics & Animation

    I really NEED to read sailor moon manga. i'm Obsessed!

    • Starry Heaven is scanslating the re-issued mangas.They have finished scanslations of V1 & V2,and are working on V3 presently.

      You can download the scanslations from thier forum @ are the actually BSSM mangas from Japan,and not the US comix/Smile chaps. that were released before,so they are alot better.