Units 3 and 4

Here is a picture dump! I'll try to compile a list of original resources that I borrowed from and then share what I can. But for now, a pictographic story of my interactive notebook for units 3 and 4.

I have added a few, quick notes about particular times under the photos.

The "Remember on my Retest" pages is a blank organizer that lists each objective on our test. Students fill out reminders to themselves about what to study as they make corrections to their original test. For more on retesting my classroom, see my post here.
The large, block letters on the right side of the page were a coloring activity. Students colored it just like a coloring book - in 8th grade. Yep... most of them loved it!!

The picture below is the "from points/from a graph" foldable open.

The cards on the right were a matching activity. Students worked to match a graph, table of values, equation, slope value, and y-intercept value. They stapled their matches all together and taped them in.

--card sorting activity--
Desmos investigation. More info can be found here.
Students wrote their names in block letters and identified the types of slope for each section of their names.

The inside of the slope foldable is shown below.

The above was a small matching activity. Some of the graphs and scenarios were lose and students had to match them to the ones already given. It really made them look at and examine axes.
That's all for now!! :)

Here are all the files. There are TONS since we did a lot of pages and a lot in class. I've included all the editable word/publisher files as well as the pdf version to preserve formatting and fonts. Use whatever you want!

Source: mrshester.blogspot.com

Learningexpress, Llc 8th Grade Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills Test
Book (Learningexpress, Llc)

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Evan-Moor Educational Publishers Daily Paragraph Editing, Grade 6
Book (Evan-Moor Educational Publishers)
  • Grades - 6
  • Weight - 1.0625
  • Depth - 8.50
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    Aug 12, 2012 by Jessica | Posted in Teaching

    I am teaching multiple grade levels 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math and wanted to use a web based grading book that allows you to print up reports for each student. Thanks in advance!!

    • I'm sure it's not the most powerful grading book, but I have been using Edmodo (edmodo.com) for a little over a year.

      Essentially, it's a secure social network designed for classrooms. You can post assign …
      "What's my grade?"
      "Have you checked Edmodo?"
      "Well... check."

      It even has a decent smartphone app on the Android/Apple market.

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    • Very, very few text books are available online. If you dont want to buy a new one, look around for a used one.