Greg Tang's Math Books Online

On his website, bestselling author Greg Tang writes,

"People often ask me, 'Why do you write math books?' The answer is simple. I want to make math easier for kids. When I look around, so many kids are doing math the hard way. They are counting when they could be adding, adding when they could be multiplying, and memorizing when they could be understanding. No wonder they think math is hard!"

In an effort to reach out to even more kids, Greg's books are now available to view free, online. In some books, students can animate illustrations and interact with pages by typing in answers to the related math questions.

"Fish School" (at right) comes from Tang's book, The Grapes of Math, in which visuals encourage children to group numbers through addition or multiplication rather than having to count each one. If students "look askew" they see four rows of four fish and multiply 4x4 or add 4+4+4+4 and type their answer into the box at lower left.

Eight books are available on the site, with widely varying target ages and content:

Math Fables (ages 3-6) - counting to adding
Math Fables Too (ages 3-6) - counting to adding
Math for All Seasons (ages 5-8) - grouping into 5 and 10, subtracting to add
Math-terpieces (ages 5+) - looking at different ways to make addition combinations
The Grapes of Math (ages 7+) - adding to multiplying
Math Appeal (ages 7+) - adding to multiplying
Math Potatoes (ages 8+) - algebraic thinking, multiplying rather than adding
The Best of Times (ages 8+) - multiplication patterns extending to larger numbers

Tang's site also contains games as well as teaching tips and materials. The books and games could be easily used by students at home or at school.


GREAT SOURCE Math on Call: Handbook (Softcover) Grades 6-8 2004

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I hope someone can help me asap..

Not quite sure how this stuff to it. I am a returning student after many years in hiatus..and I am going to be taking an online math course. The instructor has told me that my books are a package deal when you buy it brand new..comes with "my math lab", the book itself, and a solution manual.
The instructor emphasized to be careful buying it brand new because of the one time apparently use on the cd...but she also stated that I could either purchase "my math lab" brand new cheaper...but then I'd be without the text...and for $30 more..I'd have all of it.

Objection: Assumes facts not in evidence

"Math is a skill like weightlifting," I suppose I could go along with that.
"Going for the heavy stuff before you are ready will not help you ...," I suppose I can go along with that too.
But none of that adds up to taking the easier course, unless we know that Rangoon82 is, in fact, not ready for the hard course.
To further advance the weighlifting analogy, going for the easy stuff won't help you either. If a course is not at least a little challenging, you're wasting your time.
My advice to the original poster: If you have the luxury of time, see if you can browse both the textbooks and/or sylabi and see how you feel about them

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