How to make money selling books online

e-booksReading is my topmost hobby. I love books and as such shopping for books is something I love to do. But I have also realized that I can make money selling books online. If you take chance to explore my website you will realize that I have a bookstore where I sell book related to online business, internet marketing or web marketing. In this article, I am going to reveal to you how you can also sell books online to make some money. The prime avenue to selling books on is becoming an affiliate of a book selling company.

Becoming an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the key online money making opportunities. There are several organizations out there seeking for people to sell their products so they can pay them commissions. Since your interest is in selling books, you need to identify a company that sell books and apply to be an affiliate. Most of these companies don’t charge you any money. In my case, I am an affiliate of You will notice the bookstore on my website is powered by Amazon.

One fundamental tool you will need to be able to sell your books online is a website or a blog. Websites or blogs are at the centre of all online business or affiliate programs. Coming out with a personal website or blog is not difficult at all. There are several affiliate communities where you can join to create a website for free. I am with Wealthy Affiliate, the number internet marketing affiliate community. If you don’t mind, I suggest you join them and get your book selling online underway with their free website.

tetI know your question is how to make the money? Well, you make money whenever someone visits your website and through your unique affiliate link purchases a book or books. The affiliate company instantly pays you a commission. Some of the commission ranges from 8% to 15% in most companies. There are about 2 billion people using the internet on daily basis, and people like myself buy books every day. All you need to do is to find a way to generate traffic to your website.

Building traffic to your website is very important. I suggest you spend time to engage my website and learn more on how increase traffic to your website. More importantly, I suggest join wealthy affiliate and learn all the secrets to get your website ranked to generate traffic. Wealthy Affiliate has powerful and informative training programs that will answer all your questions. It is only through traffic that you can generate the revenue you desire from selling books.


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Sell Online

It's possible to make moderate amounts ($10/hr) buying and selling online from home. You have to find products that you understand and can buy cheaply enough in bulk to make money.
You need to be able to get to a post office a couple of times a week. Some suggested products would be books that you can buy at garage sales for $1 or less or for a few dollars a box at auctions. You need to know the kind of books that are in demand. Sell them on Amazon marketplace or zShops. Same with music CDs although these are harder to buy cheap. Mainstream CDs are a waste of time since everyone and their dog is burning a copy and listing them for sale at 99 cents or less


Random Walk Down Wall Street - Malkiel
(good "you can't the market book")
Stocks for the Long Run - Siegel
(awesome for data freaks like me, I even scan plots to steal data)
Investing for Dummies -
(These books are usually good and simple)
Be careful reading all the crap online, especially marketwatch and CNN , MSN money etc. Mostly they just get to paid to write anything. They don't actually make any money.
Barrons is OK but again they make money by selling newspapers. Try to think for yourself. Trust no one but Warren Buffet. In the end give up and buy index funds and go back to living your life.

Seeking Submissions For Best-Selling Book Series

I have a welcoming opportunity to let you in on. I am helping put together the next Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. (You know these books, you have seen them on the bestsellers lists and either read them and gotten something good out of them, or possibly scoffed at them and refuse to read them; that’s fine I did too…) Look, based on the thousands of letters we get, kids love these books and find inspiration, comfort, and strength from them. So, now you can help our youth and get some money for it. Get published in Teens IV and get a few hundred dollars for it if selected. Wanting to help boost the number of submissions I am opening it up to you all and to anyone else you know who is a good writer

You will buy one of his books.

He must've been selling something.
To purchase his book online through Amazon, you can click here.
I also enjoy speculative physics. I've read a load of books the past year. Clifford Pickover and Michio Kaku stand out as the most original authors; the rest pretty much repeat each other.
When a physicist posts blatant misinformation to his web site, however; it's obvious that there's an alternate agenda. He's not speculating about what may or may not be true; he's promoting misinformation insisting that what's not true is true

Rakuten to Buy Voice-Call App Maker Viber  — Wall Street Journal
Among its major investments in the last four years are a stake in U.S. online scrapbooking-site Pinterestand the acquisition of Canadian e-book firm Kobo for $315 million in 2012. Since 2012, Mr.

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