Holt Geometry Math Book online

Q&A: Is there anyway to obtain a free Holt online Geometry textbook teachers edition?

Holt Geometry Textbook Online

Is there anyway to obtain a free Holt online Geometry textbook teachers edition?
I, like any 16 year old, just doesn’t want to do homework. I know it helps me learn but honestly I would rather just work on the stuff I don’t know instead of spending an hour or two doing dumb homework thats not helping me much in the first place. So I ask if theres anyway to get a holt teachers textbook for geometry. If someone could give me their code that would be sweet, if not it was worth the try.

Suggestion by OldGringo
Textbook sales people are careful about who gets the teacher’s editions. It won’t be easy for a 16 year old to get one.

Suggestion by ♥The Mrs.♥
Well at least your honest. You may be able to get a hold of one, but a free one is laughable. They are most likely several hundred dollars.

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Does anybody know where to find a Prentice Hall Geometry book?
I need a online book for free usage just in case i forget it at school.

Suggestion by Jeremy
i think you can find one at school ask your math teacher and he/she will give you one for free use

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