How To Publish Comic Book Online

Change Image Size in PhotoshopRemember to embed font files to the PDF being created. It is especially important if you use non-standard fonts in your digital comic. It is just as you’re suspecting, if the PDF reader software (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) cannot find the fonts used in the comic, it will use the most matching ones available on the given device, which is not always a good idea.

You can also convert fonts to be included in the prepared PDF file to curves but it is not advised to do so because of the lower quality of typography, noticeable especially on devices with lower resolution displays. If you don’t have the font file or you don’t know where to find it, try to look for a matching one on the Font Squirre website. There you will find free fonts for commercial use.

3. Downsample images

PressPad_comicYour comic strips consist mainly of graphics and photos being a background for illustrating stories told, or scanned drawings. Keep in mind that the more high-resolution graphics, the bigger the size of your strip’s PDF file, and the more megabytes to download, the longer the time required to download the file.

Even fractions of a second matter here. Try to recall yourself browsing the last 10 web pages, probably a part of them didn’t even load completely. Now you see that download time plays a major role, so try to keep your output PDF files below 50 MB. In order for that, make sure to reduce the resolution of image files used to at least 150 ppi.

Flatten Text Because of Stairs EffectThe PPI unit defines the image resolution in pixels per square inch. The higher the PPI value, the bigger the resolution, thus bigger the image file size.

In order to scale down all images in the PDF file being created, follow the steps below:

From the top bar menu, in Photoshop navigate to the menu Image > Image Size…. In the new window, change the unit to “ppi” and input the correct value (e.g. 150), and then confirm by clicking the “ok” button.

Regarding inDesign select “File > Export” from the top bar menu, then set “Adobe PDF Preset [High Quality Print]“.

Set the Color and Grayscale Images Bicubic Downsampling Set Colour Conversion Do not embed page thumbnails Make your own Comic - PressPad Publish your comic to the App Store


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  • Avatar George What are some free story making software?
    Jun 23, 2012 by George | Posted in Drawing & Illustration

    I want to make a story in comic book format and put it on youtube, but all the ones that I've found cost money if any one knows of any free ones please tell me...

    • Free story maker / comic style

      Cartoon Story Maker

      Pixton Create a Comic - online
      Comic Life (trial)
      Studio Debut (trial)
      you could use drawing tools and place in table frames, and save or print,

      Inkscape illustrator
      - image editor,

      DrawPlus Starter Edition
      Free Desktop Publishing

  • Avatar Jason G. What online programs can I use to learn how to make comics professionally?
    Apr 22, 2010 by Jason G. | Posted in Drawing & Illustration

    I was going to make plans to go back to college to get a second degree in illustration/cartooning, or register to take continuing ed classes for illustration/cartooning so I can get my own comics published, or sign up fo …ing out what programs I can use online where they will show you how to make comics professionally. What such programs out there on the web would help me? Please let me know and please list as many as possible. Thank you.

    • Of drawing tutorials, some by hand some by computers. Hope you can find it man. Good Luck