How to sell books online in South Africa

Seven years ago, I tried to list some books for sale on South Africa's online sales web sites. At the time, there were only five hundred books listed and the amount of people online looking at the items for sale was dismal to say the least.

South Africa has caught up with the rest of the world and there are several places to sell items online. The best of these is Bid or Buy, an Ebay company that is structured for South Africans.

Whether you want to sell off those old books lingering and mouldering away in the garage, turn an interest in reading into a way to supplement your next book purchase, or go all out and make a living buying and selling your books - you can do this on the Bid or Buy Website.

Buyer protection is vital and Bid or Buy will have some security features that you will need to comply with when you register. Big PLUS - Registration is free - or at the very most will cost you a bank verification fee of R10.00.

What you need:
Visit Bid or Buy by clicking the banner at the top of this page and register.
You will need to be residentr in South Africa.
You wll need an ID number
You will need a bank account.
You will need an email address.
You will need a telephone number.

Listing your Items:
Very important - have a camera handy. Pictures sell, so you need to take and upload lots of pictures to get the potential buyers interested.

Search the categories and see what other people are charging for books similar to yours.

List your item and in the description accurately explain what is wrong with the book. Put in the type of book - i.e hardback, paperback, publisher, date of publishing, title and author.

Remember that key words sell via searches. Most people arrive at your lisitng by searching a topic. The title and the first paragraph are therefore very important.

Selling a book called Mapolisa. This is a book about Rhodesia. Therefore try and use the word Rhodesia in the title and in the book description. Rhodesia is a hot search term on Bid or Buy. Mapolisa is a book about the Rhodesian Police, The British South Africa Police. Therefore you will need to explain this in the title, to ensure good search results.

Here is an example of this book title:

Rhodesian Book. Mapolisa, Stories of the Rhodesian Police Force. 1st Edition 1981.

Here is an example of the Item Description:

bidorbuy South Africa - Bid, Buy or Sell cameras, computers, diamonds, coins, cars & more on auction at cheap prices


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Where can I get help with my book?

My situation:
I am a computer consultant and I am writing a technical manual.
The program that I am writing my manual on has no other books published about it (that I can find anyway)
I have written and sold these books before, only I have only sold them to my clients, and I now want to step it up and sell my new version as an official manual for sale on the online only. I do not necessarily need to be in bookstores.
I will have both a hard copy to sell, and a ebook.
Because of my target audience (very select group), I suspect that I will be selling more hard copies

There's another plus to the

Half-priced bookstores. They not only have books, but a few movies, music, and even some software titles.
Everything's either used or it's overstocked items.
But I'll tell you of an online "store", called Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller, where you can find some books marked down. And the shipping has usually been pretty good (the shipping is for the whole order, BTW).
One time (this was many years ago), I bought 13 books from Edward R. Hamilton (a few even hardcover) for $40. And that was with shipping included. Most of their stock is new, but mainly consists of overstocked books that just didn't sell very well in the market.

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