Speed Reading Course 2014 | What is the Best Online Class?

We review some of the best speed reading courses 2014 that are available online. What is the course that suits you most to learn to read faster?A Round-up Review of Popular Online Courses to Learn to Read Faster

Knowing how to speed read can prove to be very beneficial for those who study or work jobs that demand reading loads of documents.

While reading can be improved by practice in general, it is generally recommended to consider a course or software to achieve faster reading speeds and improved comprehension. In our round-up we review some of the best speed reading courses 2014 that are available online.

1. Iris Speed Reading Course Online

Iris Reading is a trusted provider of speed reading courses. The classes provided by Iris Reading, as well as their speed reading software, are ideal for those who plan on improving their reading speed and comprehension. Everyone knows how extremely frustrating it is to read a material, and go back over some of its lines just to grasp the actual meaning. Iris Reading targets both students and professionals who wish to enhance their poor reading speed and comprehension. These are the modules:

Speed Reading Foundation Course
The main purpose of this online course is to improve your reading speed, thereby increasing the number of pages read in a material even in a short period. It also provides information about the fundamental strategies in strengthening your comprehension skill. This skill is essential in remembering most of the contents of your reading material. It can work suitably for life-long learners, students and professionals. The module offers a free e-book composed of 121 pages, which aims to improve your concentration. Subscribers will also get a unique report that tackles strategies on improving your memory and a 3-hour class video. This is the best speed reading course for beginners.

Speed Reading Mastery Course
This is an advanced online class that tackles the proven techniques in boosting a person’s reading speed. It aims to teach participants of the course on the basics of getting high reading speed. Since this is an advanced course, participants can also expect to receive information on the tips and tricks of reading and comprehending materials with technical contents. This is perfect for those who have basic fast reading skills and wish to take these skills into an even more advanced level. Enrolling in the Mastery Course allows participants to receive ten lessons conducted on video, and three bonus webinars offered for free. This is a popular speed reading class for more advanced students.

Comprehension Course
The major goal of this online module is to help in boosting the comprehension skills of participants. It aims to optimize the level of your comprehension, by providing information about the different reading strategies and tricks that can help in maximizing a person’s capacity to understand the materials that he is reading completely. The online tutorial intends to help participants whether they intend to use their acquired comprehension skills for a casual read or to read and comprehend a textbook or a technical content. Best option for comprehension.

Source: www.speedreadingtechniques.org

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Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, AA World Services
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Any good Spanish classes in LA?

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Vohra Method Introduction to Speed Reading and Rapid Analytical Reading
DVD (Vohra Method)
The BGU Speed Reading Course - …
The BGU Speed Reading Course - …
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Free Speed Reading Course (2/5)‪
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Online Speed Reading Course

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