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After couple of changes (and failures) I finally succeeded to share Futurama comics with my visitors. That’s right. It means you can easily visit my blog and begin to read futurama comics online for free without any kind of annoying processes like registering. Right now, there’s only 5 issues in blog (There was at the beginning. You can see the complete list below) but I’m planning to put all of them in my blog as soon as possible ( By soon I mean couple of weaks ) If there’s any problem with comics or is there anything you want to see in my blog; please post a comment. I check them every single day so that you can be sure that your problems will be solved.

Well you can view the issues at . If you click on the name of the issue you will view the information about that issue ( unfortunately in Turkish ) All you have to do is to click on “Read it” link which is next-to the name of the issue.

Have fun!

-The issues which are available are;










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  • Avatar Callys Best buyers of second hand books online?
    Dec 20, 2010 by Callys | Posted in Books & Authors

    Hi all!

    I've recently just used the website in order to sell off all my unwanted cds, games and dvds, and was wondering if there were such a website that tailored for books online like this one?

    It would be wonderful to know as I got a ton of books at home just mouldering and gathering dust.


    • Amazon and then Ebay.

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    So my brother and I ordered books from one of those flier things that teachers hand out. I wrote the check on Sept 17th so it's been over a month... I am a big reader so I want my books! How much longer will I have to wait?! I am sure he turned in the money so that's not the issue

    • Sure, he turned in the money--to whom? And who is he? And what happened after that?

      I don't know if you handed money to your brother or your teacher. (We used to order ourselves.) If you handed it to your … />
      If you find out it really is longer than expected, find the "Contact Us" page on scholastic and see if there is a form to check out how an order is going. (Stuff we didn't have back in my day. lol)