Dozens of Read-Along Children’s Stories for Android Devices

Story Chimes is a series of children’s books produced by Sienna Entertainment. The stories are all classic children’s stories like The Ugly Duckling, The Tortoise and the Hare, and Jack and the Beanstalk. Each story has a read-alone and a read-along mode. In the read-along mode each word is highlighted as it is read by the narrator. In the read-along mode you can enable or disable auto-play.

Sienna Entertainment’s Story Chimes series offers the books for free with advertising support. If you want to turn off the advertising, you can buy the stories for $1.99. I didn’t find the advertising in the stories that I tried to be distracting, but small children might be distracted by it.


Disney Press The Lion King Read-Along Storybook and CD
Book (Disney Press)

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PSA: Protecting Children Online

Child about Web porn and online predators, and how to look for signs of porn on your PC. Plus: warning signs that an adult may be communicating with your child.
I just found this and thought it was important enough to pass along, considering the many stories we read about children who are prey to predators online.
I read yet another story today about a man who seduced a 13-year-old girl away from her home and parents really need to be realistic about just how many predators are right here in our midst.

Native News Network is covering LW3

Click link to read some of the stories listed below
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* We Must Declare War on Diseases Such As Diabetes…It is Up to Us!
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* Reasons Why
* Serious about Diabetes
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I do have to say though that, i didn't find the suggestions or replys to be rude or judgemental. until after, when the urethra discussion came into play. that1chick was trying to help you have a clearer posting, suggesting the part 1, hit reply title part 2, hit reply to part 2 then title part 3. that way it's all contained in the same post and therefore easier to follow.
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Rakuten to Buy Voice-Call App Maker Viber  — Wall Street Journal
Among its major investments in the last four years are a stake in U.S. online scrapbooking-site Pinterestand the acquisition of Canadian e-book firm Kobo for $315 million in 2012. Since 2012, Mr.

Disney Press Frozen Read-Along Storybook and CD
Book (Disney Press)
Toy Story Read-Along App for …
'Toy Story' Read-Along App for …
Disney s The Little Mermaid Read Along
Disney's The Little Mermaid Read Along
Toy Train Story Read-Along chapter 1
Toy Train Story Read-Along chapter 1
Oceanhouse Media, Inc The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss
Mobile Application (Oceanhouse Media, Inc)
  • Choose from 3 ways to read: Read to Me, Read it Myself, or Auto Play
  • Listen to professional narration and fun music and sound effects
  • Enjoy the original illustrations from the classic book
  • Read or follow along as the words are highlighted; touch words to hear them again
  • Touch images on the screen, and their words will pop up
GII Samson and Delilah Bible Story Book with CD
Software (GII)
  • Play in Any Audio Player
  • Play in Any Windows PC
  • CD-Rom Works with Windows 7, Vista & XP
Disney s Cinderella Read Along
Disney's Cinderella Read Along
Disney s Peter Pan Read Along
Disney's Peter Pan Read Along
Bertie the Snow Bus - Read Along Story
Bertie the Snow Bus - Read Along Story

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  • Avatar Callys Best buyers of second hand books online?
    Dec 20, 2010 by Callys | Posted in Books & Authors

    Hi all!

    I've recently just used the website in order to sell off all my unwanted cds, games and dvds, and was wondering if there were such a website that tailored for books online like this one?

    It would be wonderful to know as I got a ton of books at home just mouldering and gathering dust.


    • Amazon and then Ebay.

  • Avatar Missy Scholastoc book order?
    Nov 23, 2013 by Missy | Posted in Books & Authors

    So my brother and I ordered books from one of those flier things that teachers hand out. I wrote the check on Sept 17th so it's been over a month... I am a big reader so I want my books! How much longer will I have to wait?! I am sure he turned in the money so that's not the issue

    • Sure, he turned in the money--to whom? And who is he? And what happened after that?

      I don't know if you handed money to your brother or your teacher. (We used to order ourselves.) If you handed it to your … />
      If you find out it really is longer than expected, find the "Contact Us" page on scholastic and see if there is a form to check out how an order is going. (Stuff we didn't have back in my day. lol)