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Ordering School Books Online From ABC Books Ireland: FAQs

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When it comes time to start a new school year, many parents and students dread the time they will have to spend obtaining book lists, searching for texts in the bookstore, and standing in line waiting to make the purchase. A much easier way is upon us, in the form of ordering Are you concerned about making the change to online ordering? Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers to allay your fears.

What books are available?

If your school requires it, chances are good that you will be able to find it online. With more and more retailers opening online stores, they want to meet the needs of their customers by having what you need and keeping it in stock.

Are booklists available?

Yes, in many cases. Most online retailers like ABC Books will list your school by classes and name along with the required books for each level to ease the process of ordering school books online. If your school or class is not listed, consider contacting the school and requesting them to provide your retailer with a booklist for online reference.

Won’t shipping take too long?

Not at all. In most cases, you will receive your books within a matter of days, making even last minute orders possible. While shipping does come at a small cost, it will save you the hassle of actually walking to a book store and physically getting your books, saving you time and effort.

Are the books covered?

For a small additional fee, most companies will cover the books for you to keep them safe and protected and ready for school use.

How do costs compare to bookstores?

It depends on the book, but most of the time online costs are the same or less than what you would pay in a physical bookstore. There are shipping costs, of course, but the books themselves are similarly priced.

Are there disadvantage to ordering books online?

Only if you wait too long to buy your books. In such cases, it may be to your advantage to go to your local bookstore to ensure that you have your books in time for the beginning of school.

Is payment secure?

Most sites use strong encryption with your credit card, making sure that your purchases are safe. Buying books online is just as safe as ordering other things online or swiping your credit card at a local store.

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Our library has the online ordering too

You wait months for a book after ordering. Seriously.
For many non-fiction books, I can order anything I want through my former grad school (as an alumnus I still have access to the library), which is hooked up with a bunch of other colleges. I've been able to locate out of print books not available anywhere.

Saving $ as a student...

Hey Ben...
Sounds like you're a student so I'll share some tips & ideas my kids have used:
1) sites like studentrate.com offer some good discounts. Most require student emails (.edu)
2) Order your books online. My daughter saved almost $150 last semester by ordering her books from various online vendors like amazon.com. School bookstores have huge markups that take advantage of students.
Looking forward to hearing other ideas.
-C Kent

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    Hi all!

    I've recently just used the musicmagpie.co.uk website in order to sell off all my unwanted cds, games and dvds, and was wondering if there were such a website that tailored for books online like this one?

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    • Amazon and then Ebay.

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    So my brother and I ordered books from one of those flier things that teachers hand out. I wrote the check on Sept 17th so it's been over a month... I am a big reader so I want my books! How much longer will I have to wait?! I am sure he turned in the money so that's not the issue

    • Sure, he turned in the money--to whom? And who is he? And what happened after that?

      I don't know if you handed money to your brother or your teacher. (We used to order ourselves.) If you handed it to your … />
      If you find out it really is longer than expected, find the "Contact Us" page on scholastic and see if there is a form to check out how an order is going. (Stuff we didn't have back in my day. lol)