Boi Mela | 38th Kolkata Book Fair 2014 | Geronimo Stilton

Every year when the chills in air gets milder around last week of January,

every bong urge to go to Boi Mela.

It is a book fair that Kolkata takes a lot of pride in. This is the 38th one. I love Kolkata Book Fair because it gives a platform for non-so-famous publishers to showcase their books and get in touch with readers. But unfortunately, I cannot read Bengali so, I generally go in search for folk tales, fables etc printed in English which are tough to find. I also get to discover more book which I search online and then buy at a far cheaper rate.....mostly from Flipkart. (My order from Flipkart already on its way)

This year I only got a set of 'Fables from India' by Rupa publishers.

Later, I saw a girl with a red bag with Agatha Christie on it. Badly needed the paper bag. I asked the girl from where it was so, I had to get something from Harper Collins, hence, Ask the Policeman. (Ask the Policeman has a crime as described by one writer, then four of the best writers of that time presents a different solution to the same in four chapters)

The book was also available at a huge discount HERE but I needed the BAG.

See, I have my priorities very very clear. *wink*

Book Fairs also make me discover new things. For example, Swarnali made me realize this time that I have missed a lot in my childhood because I have never even heard of 'Geronimo Stilton'. Then, I saw the books and really felt that I should have discovered then when I was a kid.

And I also found Mr Geronimo Stilton.

That smile on my face.....completely heart is sad and crying.

I also discover them......Captain Underp*nts.

You can also buy handicrafts, paintings or get your portraits done by artists at Kolkata Book Fair.


Scholastic Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye (Geronimo Stilton, No. 1)
Book (Scholastic)

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  • Avatar sparky How to read geronimo stilton books online?
    Aug 31, 2010 by sparky | Posted in Books & Authors
    • Sorry but unless your public library buys the book to be put on your public liberty web site as a free ebook, it is not legal. The author wants to be paid for her work. Respect that.