EVE: True Stories graphic novel released by Dark Horse, re-tells actual battles from CCP’s sandbox

EVE Online is known for its large, player-driven battles and tales of betrayal, heroism and war. Developer CCP Games and Dark Horse have teamed up to release issue #1 of its EVE: True Stories graphic novel series, which adapts those real battles into comic stories.


In a press release sent to VG247 today, CCP confirmed that issue #1 is called ‘Thieves Among Us’ and re-tells the fall of real player alliance Band of Brothers. The crew was brought to its knees on February 5, 2009 by one player, an event that remains something of an MMO Legend to this day.

It’s been adapted by Wolverine Origins and Deadpool writer Daniel Way and features artwork from Tomm Coker of Daredevil Noir and Near Death fame. Aliens and Heavy Metal artist David Palumbo has designed the cover.

Source: www.vg247.com

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Here's the Yahoo story

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