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Several of you have requested children's book reviews here at Reading Has Purpose. Well I heard you and although I haven't read any children's books, I am bringing you something better - a children's book author! And you're going to be excited to find out what she's up to. Enjoy the interview......

RHP: How did you decide that you wanted to write children's books?
SN: I didn’t really decide it. I usually write older YA [young adult] books. But one day I had this idea about a girl who gets super powers along with her first period and I called it The Adventures of PMS Girl. It was only natural that the girl be aged around 12. After an editor at HarperCollins showed interest in the book, she convinced me to drop the period angle. So PMS Girl died and Priscilla the Great was born. Eight months and 3 complete rewrites later, HarperCollins rejected me.

RHP: I was able to read a synopsis on Priscilla the Great. Priscilla's character is definitely an attention grabber! Will you tell us more about her!?
SN: Priscilla is in a class all by herself. She’s witty, fun, strong, and…fiery, for lack of a better word. But she’s also sensitive and a typical twelve-year-old girl trying to navigate that narrow stream that leads to the ocean of adulthood.

RHP: You are currently pitching Priscilla the Great as a feature film and TV show to several studios. That's ambitious! I think Priscilla will be great on screen! Are you able to tell us how this is progressing and what are the biggest barriers you've encountered while trying to make this happen?
SN: I actually have no idea how it’s going right now and I’m too chicken to call my production company to see how the pitches went to Disney, ABC Family, and Nickelodeon. I haven’t really done much on the movie end besides write out synopsis for all five books for the pitch team.

I had dinner with the screenwriter last summer which was amazing because she’s super cool and we have like the exact same taste in movies. Her good friend wrote and directed one of my favorite movies Happy Texas.

RHP: If, or maybe I should say when Priscilla makes it to the screen, will you have to relinquish some control of the brand? How do you feel about that?
SN: Well, this is where Indie Publishing will be a huge benefit for me. Priscilla is all mine and I won’t have to share any branding money with a publishing company.

RHP: You've published under a pen name, Leslie DuBois. How did you come up with the name and why did you choose to publish using a pen?
SN: Leslie is my middle name and DuBois is my mother’s maiden name. Actually, all of my family calls me Leslie because my grandmother is also named Sybil and it got confusing in the house. I decided to use a pen name because my Leslie DuBois titles are a bit more edgy than Priscilla the Great. They deal with difficult issues like race, justice, and abuse. I didn’t want to expose younger kids to themes they weren’t quite ready for.

RHP: What are you doing when you aren't writing books?
SN: I’m a wife, a mother of two, and a PhD student at the Medical University of South Carolina so I’m pretty busy. I’m also really addicted to coupons so I do a lot of grocery shopping. The money I save with coupons I invest into promoting my books. It’s crazy because I spend the most money trying to promote Priscilla the Great and that is the book that sells the least. My Leslie DuBois books are much more popular.


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Woah! Melanie the host of Sprout's "Good

Night Show" got canned.
I don't know if your kids watch the "Good Night Show" on PBS Sprout, but the host, Melanie was fired for appearing in "sex type" videos that are making their way around the internet. Apparently she's starring in 30 second skits about sex acts and sex toys.
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Chiltepins (HOT little peppers) aka bird peppers

I'd like to hear from anyone who has been successful in growing these things.
When I moved here, I didn't know what they were. There were 6 or 7 bushes. 1 at the base of a mesquite, 1 at the base of an orange tree, and the rest in various flower beds.
The 2 at the bases of trees I left alone. The rest I pulled up.
Now I want more! Last year I dried some pods and then sprinkled them or mixed them into the soil in a flower bed. None grew or even sprouted that I saw.
This year, I read a lot online. I ordered some giberellic acid and soaked some seeds (from 1 - 5 days, since I couldn't find any 'rules'), then planted them

Okkk what went wrong? i planted about 20

cilantro seeds outside. i read online that the night cold was ok. but, just to see what happened, i planted 2 inside on a little pot in the windowsill.
a week and a half later, the window pot has 2 little sprouts and outside... nothing.
was it the cold?
i guess i will plant more inside but according to what i read, they should have been able to sprout outside.


He really sprouted them? I've never had a bunny before and read online how to tell the sex but it gave instructions on how to poke and prod and open certain areas to tell the difference which I'm not about to do. When do they "sprout"? Maybe he's still to young to have sprouted anything or maybe he's a female?

Rakuten to Buy Voice-Call App Maker Viber  — Wall Street Journal
Among its major investments in the last four years are a stake in U.S. online scrapbooking-site Pinterestand the acquisition of Canadian e-book firm Kobo for $315 million in 2012. Since 2012, Mr.

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