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It seems that almost everything is offered to us online. We can shop online in our pajamas, keep up with old friends via social networking, get car insurance, and even read my wonderful blog. We trust the internet for so many things, yet many people are weary about choosing an online bank account. Something about putting all of our money into the hands of some person we have never met, into a bank that we have never seen scares the crap out of us. We get railroaded by large banks every day, whether it is by imaginary fees that we never knew existed, or sad interest rates that don’t even match inflation. All of this puts a sour taste in our mouths, yet we are still apprehensive about making the change. Hopefully, what I’ve found about these online banking accounts will change your mind about the matter.

I was reading a great book called I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi, where I first learned about these bank accounts. ( Great book by the way) He talked about the pros and cons of all sorts of online, and traditional bank accounts. Here are some of the great accounts that he recommended in his book.

Schwab Bank Investor Checking with Schwab One Brokerage Account.

This bank offers its services with 0 monthly fees and a $0 account minimum. On top of that, they have unlimited ATM fee reimbursements, so say goodbye to hassle. They also insure up to $250, 000 backed by the FDIC. Some accounts even offer up to .3% to .5% interest on all funds in your account (most banks offer about .01% interest). This also comes with a Schwab One Brokerage Account (also no fees no minimums), so what isn’t there to love about this bank account?

Capital One 360 Checking Account

This is also a very popular no fee no minimum checking account. It offers variable interest rates, so the more money you put in, the more that it will earn. You can get money out of any Allpoint or Capital One ATM, but you will be charged to use any other atm. It gives you a free Mastercard debit card for all of your purchases, and mobile check deposits. This is a pretty good account also, even if it isn’t the best out there it is probably better than your local bank.

Emigrant Direct

This is a great bank to use for your savings account, because it usually has one of the top interest rates available. This account also offers no fees no minimums. Are you starting to see a trend with these online accounts? This account will automatically be linked to your current checking account, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing your checking account. The best part about an online bank is that they are open 24/7!

HSBC Direct

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Source: www.financialsprout.com

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Woah! Melanie the host of Sprout's "Good

Night Show" got canned.
I don't know if your kids watch the "Good Night Show" on PBS Sprout, but the host, Melanie was fired for appearing in "sex type" videos that are making their way around the internet. Apparently she's starring in 30 second skits about sex acts and sex toys.
I tried to find the story online, but can't find it... I read it this morning in the Chicago Tribune.
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Chiltepins (HOT little peppers) aka bird peppers

I'd like to hear from anyone who has been successful in growing these things.
When I moved here, I didn't know what they were. There were 6 or 7 bushes. 1 at the base of a mesquite, 1 at the base of an orange tree, and the rest in various flower beds.
The 2 at the bases of trees I left alone. The rest I pulled up.
Now I want more! Last year I dried some pods and then sprinkled them or mixed them into the soil in a flower bed. None grew or even sprouted that I saw.
This year, I read a lot online. I ordered some giberellic acid and soaked some seeds (from 1 - 5 days, since I couldn't find any 'rules'), then planted them

Okkk what went wrong? i planted about 20

cilantro seeds outside. i read online that the night cold was ok. but, just to see what happened, i planted 2 inside on a little pot in the windowsill.
a week and a half later, the window pot has 2 little sprouts and outside... nothing.
was it the cold?
i guess i will plant more inside but according to what i read, they should have been able to sprout outside.


He really sprouted them? I've never had a bunny before and read online how to tell the sex but it gave instructions on how to poke and prod and open certain areas to tell the difference which I'm not about to do. When do they "sprout"? Maybe he's still to young to have sprouted anything or maybe he's a female?

Rakuten to Buy Voice-Call App Maker Viber  — Wall Street Journal
Among its major investments in the last four years are a stake in U.S. online scrapbooking-site Pinterestand the acquisition of Canadian e-book firm Kobo for $315 million in 2012. Since 2012, Mr.

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