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The Sonic / Mega Man comic crossover series "Worlds Collide" is well underway,and it's like I'm back in elementary school. Just seeing these two blue titans together on the same page is enough to make me go over the moon. And those comic covers are so tasty,I wouldn't mind using them as iPhone wallpaper. There's just one problem: They're littered with pesky logos and publisher info!

Archie colorist Matt Herms has answered my prayers by uploading clean art of the covers he's worked on to his deviantART page. Some pieces feature just the finished raw,while others include the un-colored line art. You can really appreciate the attention to detail that went into attracting casual newsstand browsers. They really pop.

These aren't the only raw covers Herms has posted. He's been sharing his goods as far back as 2011,including this rather questionable Sonic the Hedgehog #220 cover. Ummm... right...

Archie Sonic / Mega ManWallpaper get! Logo-free Sonic / Mega Man comic covers photo

Source: www.destructoid.com

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Thanks for All the Tips

I'll try the Gray Magic, the beauty supply store has some small tubes. I read reviews online, though, that say it works better with browns and reds that blonde shades. I'll see. I'd love to go to a salon to have it done, but it's way out of my budget. As for highlights, the problem is I don't like my base color, so I'd need both a base dye job plus highlights. I probably should try it at least once to see how it will look (I'm sure better than what it is now).

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The SPARKSTER Series (Sonic The Comic)‪
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  • Avatar black star shooter Where i can read the Scott Pilgrim comic online?
    Jan 04, 2011 by black star shooter | Posted in Comics & Animation

    Aww i have watched the movie and i have liked it a lot i wanna read the comic too,but i don't live like in the USA so i …ant buy it online (i don't have a credit card) even it is cheap...so really isn't there any site where i can read the comic and yeah p.s:i cant find the comic in the library too,so like i said it doesn't sells in my area

    • This is the only site i could find that is free

  • Avatar wrangermiller1 Where can i read scott pilgrim vs. the world comic online?
    Aug 30, 2010 by wrangermiller1 | Posted in Comics & Animation

    I really wanna read the comic ive already watched the movie and seen the game please someone help me out.

    • Maybe /co/ (4chan) has it the links or pics... I dunno, haven't checked :\