How to Create Christmas Online Scrapbooking Cards

As one businessman, you may easily find yourself planning your business scrapbooking greeting cards before the great Christmas Eve. And fact had proved that one digital scrapbooking business only needs little financial investment. What's more, you may only need to afford little investment in time for learning Photoshop Elements or other third-party software if you're already a scrapper.

More and more people would like to choose creating personalized gifts that could really suit the tastes of the person that you're concerned with. They could be your family, friends, and business partners. If you've plenty of time and creativity, then you could find lots of inspiration for making beautiful Christmas scrapbooking cards or Christmas business newsletter ideas on many websites online.

One of these well-known websites is, which provides the really easy-to-use XFlip flash animation software to build digital scrapbook cards that could add personalized photo and text messags or greetings where relevant and you have a unique gift that is very personal to your recipients. Of great significance, the choice is indeed yours and you could be able to let your imagination run away with you as far as you desire.

One of the greatest benefits of digital cards lies in the random number of photos which it is now possible to create. You have the option od choosing all of individual images, documenting many treasured family moments for Christmas layouts during the holiday season. Just take Christmas online scrapbooking card as one amazing and creative gift that is considered as the perfect combination of traditional sentiment and cutting edge technology, which does contribute positively to bring together to spread a message of happiness and goodwill.

1. Free download and install the easy-to-use on your desktop, launch the software and then you may view its pop-up screen, just click the "Import Files" to add the photos that you want to display on your scrapbooking pages or business christmas greeting cards easily.

3. Click the "Design" and "Setting" icon to do some customizing jobs on your Christmas cards scrapbook easily. You could add your own personal photos to the software that presents a number of design options. You can also have the option of customizing the greeting card cover and also selecting the colour and overall theme of the scrapbooking cards.

4. When all of the settings are finished, just click the "Preview" icon to preview the greeting card easily. After that you could simply click the "Publish" icon to start publishing your online business Christmas scrapbook cards, just have a try!


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Re: Help Online Scrapbooking

Not sure about online scrapbooking. I did a scrapbook for my niece when she turned 18 (actually turned out to be two books because I couldn't stop). I have purchased several scrapbooking programs and the one that I found to be the best and most user friendly in one from Nova Development - Scrapbook Factory. Have fun.....

Help With Finding an Online Scrapbooking Site

Would like opinions on Online Scrapbooking sites. Is anyone familiar with them, are they easy to use, how do they work exactly and are there any recommendations. I've looked at a few but I cannot figure out how they work and it's an overwhelming amount of information. I need simplicity hence the desire to do it on the PC instead of gluing for hours. Any help is appreciated.

Do online scrapbooking...

It's free. Get the photoshop trial or buy a cheapie editing software so you can add borders to photos. Then get a geocities account (free) and design each page of your "album".
If you get really into it you can make the pages in HTML or Dreamweaver so the pages are on your hard drive (then uploaded to the web) and can be browsed offline as well as backed up on disc and put in a fireproof box.
Sounds hard but it's really not. It's really fun because the options are endless.

Pet Scrapbook time!

Now, I'm working with the original "extended" petfo place... and we decided (actually, the manager gave me permission! :) ) that instead of having a pet photo album on there, we could have a petfo scrapblog. You can still use the photo section for photo hosting, though!
For those of you that don't know what it is, scrapblog is just about the cutest place to do online scrapbooking. You can put cool backgrounds, neat frames, stickers, text bubbles, the works. The pictures are easy to resize and they loose no clarity when you make them big or tiny. All in all, its just a really cute place

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Among its major investments in the last four years are a stake in U.S. online scrapbooking-site Pinterestand the acquisition of Canadian e-book firm Kobo for $315 million in 2012. Since 2012, Mr.

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