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CONVERGE Speakers at Scio14: Thur, Feb 27We may spend a lot of time online, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to hold and read a physical book! Every year at the ScienceOnline conference we curate a list of science books (& a few apps/games) to highlight. Many of these are written in the previous year by attendees or are just about to be released. Some are books that dovetail with the discussions in our sessions. During the conference we have the opportunity to thumb through these books… and at the end of the conference everyone walks away with at least one...

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ScienceOnline Together 2014 begins in a little more than two weeks. And when it does, each day of the conference will kick off with the CONVERGE session – the morning event that rallies all 450 attendees together to start the day with short talks from exciting speakers who help to frame the day’s discussions. These CONVERGE sessions will be streamed live at so everyone else can listen in, no matter where you are. So please plan to join us. Here’s who we’ll be hearing from: On Thurs., Feb. 27 at...

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The Mission of ScienceOnlineScienceOnline is pleased to welcome Mark Benerofe to the Board of Directors, effective Nov. 15, 2013. Mr. Benerofe will serve a one-year term, which may be renewed annually for up to three years. Benerofe previously served as executive producer of TEDMED 2012 in Washington, D.C., and as senior adviser to companies including Cleveland Heart Lab. “We’re excited to work with Mark and to draw on his long and successful history of leadership at major media organizations and internet startups, ” said Karyn Traphagen, ScienceOnline co-founder and...

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The ScienceOnline Together 2014 Converge sessions are our morning events that rally all attendees together. We meet together first thing in the morning (well, after coffee and breakfast) to frame the day and hear from some inspiring speakers. Each day this year we’ll have two short CONVERGE talks each morning.Update from ScienceOnline Board First up, our opening session!...

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With the ScienceOnline Together 2014 conference just 7 weeks away, I’ll continue with my updates every 3-5 days, and try to keep them short because everyone is so busy. First, a quick note about registrations, hotel, and travel. You can see who is registered for ScienceOnline Together 2014 on the Look Who’s Coming directory (there are some attendees who have chosen to opt out of the directory). We always have some more room become available in the weeks leading up to the conference, so if you are not already attending, add your name to the...

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Thank you to everyone for your patience as I worked to contact all the members of the ScienceOnline Board so that I could get some more answers and information out to you. SCIENCEONLINE LEADERSHIP The ScienceOnline Board composition is a work in process. As a (still) relatively new non-profit, we have been carefully building a solid base. Since our October 16, 2013, Statement that committed to continue to build the Board, we’ve added two new members: Meg Lowman and Mark Benerofe. This brings the total current Board to five members (including...

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Research & Education Association AP Environmental Science Crash Course Book + Online (Advanced Placement (AP) Crash Course)
Book (Research & Education Association)

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Science book discussion community

I run an online book discussion community that you'll probably love if you're into science or nonfiction books. We read and discuss quality nonfiction books - a new one every quarter.
The cool part is we invite the authors to a live chat with us near the end of the reading period. Past chat guest include Richard Dawkins, Stephen Pinker, Howard Bloom, and many more. We'll soon have the famous primatologist, Jane Goodall, along with Pulitizer Prize winning Jared Diamond.
I would LOVE to get a small group of Tampa Bay people together to discuss our quarterly books in person.
BookTalk is free to join

YOU need a simple science text book

Here is a link for a free online physics set.
I recomend that you download and read it.
again, magnets are NOT a source of energy and you can not show a single case in the universe where they are such a source.
ALL the books on the site are free of any charge at all but PLEASE start with this one.

Maps of Time Introduction online

I have recommened this book to many a believer that was in search of answers to the scientific questions.
Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History by David Christian
h ttp:// is the introduction online, and it immediately delves into the questions we are here for:
"Like merchants in a huge desert caravan, we need to know where we are going, where we have come from, and in whose company we are traveling. Modern science tells us that the caravan is vast and varied, and our fellow travelers include numerous exotic creatures, from quarks to galaxies

FLVS & Christian homeschool science

I used to work for an educational development company, and the best online schooling I came across was Florida Virtual School (FLVS). See . However, for non-Florida residents, the cost was $375 per course per semester and $400 for AP courses. I don't know if your school district or state would be able to pick up part of the bill.
Also, the science books I saw that were marketed toward Christian homeschools will put your children at a significant disadvantage if they go to college because they overemphasize religious dogma. For example, a chapter on the chemical elements ended with a test that included the following question:
"The chemical elements were created by:
A) Scientists
B) God
C) Squirrels"
I believe in God myself, but inserting this...

The Book of Eli
Movie ()
Quick Demo of Safari Books Online
Quick Demo of Safari Books Online
Safari Books Online - Bookmarks
Safari Books Online - Bookmarks
AQA GCSE Student Books (Science)‪ - …
AQA GCSE Student Books (Science)‪ - …
Scientific Explorer POOF-Slinky 0SA221 Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit, 11-Activities
Toy (Scientific Explorer)
  • Allows your young scientist to explore and learn the basics of science from chemical reactions to the use of basic science tools
  • Create an erupting, color changing volcano, a sunset in a test tube, jiggly crystals and more
  • Spark your child s curiosity in science with detailed step-by-step science experiments and answer their mind-blowing science secrets
  • Scientific Explorer is the industry leader in fun, educational and activity-based science kits
  • Recommended for children 4-years of age and older with adult supervision
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  • Avatar Lakely Some are upset. Do you think it is fair to use the Gospel Enigma book for reference?
    May 09, 2008 by Lakely | Posted in Religion & Spirituality

    It's here: I'm asking, since it appears that my reference to this book seems is upsetting a number of people.

    It's the story of a couple of kids who interpret the Bible on their own. …need to know what you think. Is it fair to use the Gospel Enigma book for reference? And if not, I would like to know what you would suggest so that poeple could get the big picture on this non-theological point of view.

    • Actually Hosea is an expansion on Samual's statement to King Saul that God desires obedience not sacrifice.

      I don;t think it's fair to you to rely on the wisdom of a couple kids and set aside better thinkers

  • Avatar caitymylady Can't remember what book this is- help!?
    Jun 07, 2013 by caitymylady | Posted in Books & Authors

    Alright, when I was in elementary school I bought a book from the book fair. I'm pretty sure that it was maybe the 2nd book in a series.
    In the beginning of the book, the main character (who was maybe a preteen) w …ee this goat person who is wearing all these different clothes? Also, they talk to a sphinx and answer his riddles in one part of the book.

    I have been trying to figure this out for forever, please help! xx

    • With a little digging you should be able to find it. bought at a usa book fair in the past 50 years I would almost guarantee its published by scholastic books if you can narrow down what years you were in elementary scho … they have a master book in their childrens dept or access to one online. there you can look up a book many different ways, by main character , where its set in , genre , etc. also try looking up scholastic publishers :)