Increase Family Engagement with Read and Rise

Read and Rise is a national Scholastic literacy initiative that reinforces the practical things all families can do to ensure their children become strong readers and learners. Together, schools and families practice literacy skills to encourage a love of reading and promote academic achievement.

Scholastic Read and Rise™ program is designed to support schools with their family engagement goals by:

  • Helping families foster the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that support children’s literacy development
  • Engaging families through fun, literacy-based events
  • Preparing children for reading and learning development
  • The Book Fair and the Family Engagement Program are the two components of the Read and Rise program and work best when offered together during a Family literacy event. If you choose, you may run these components independently.

Create a Family Centered Literacy Event Beginning with a Book Fair

The Scholastic Read and Rise™ Book Fair - These reading events run for one week and include time for student and faculty previews, Family Engagement Program, and the Book Fair shopping experience.

Easy — Each Book Fair is delivered in rolling cases that move easily and can lock each day. The Book Fair is easy to set up and display in any school location, and can be hosted by 3–5 family or staff volunteers.

Affordable — The Book Fair contains hundreds of high-interest books as well as quality ethnic and multicultural titles with many titles priced below $5 to ensure that all students may participate. All purchases benefit the host school!*

Age Appropriate — Scholastic offers three Book Fairs designed to accommodate most school types:

  • Elementary School Book Fair (grades PreK–5)
  • Middle School Book Fair (grades 6–8)
  • Combined Book Fair (grades PreK–8)

*Schools hosting a Read and Rise Book Fair will receive a percentage of the total revenue, including purchases made with Title 1 and grant funds.

Family Engagement Program

The Family Engagement Program Costs $149*, you’ll receive:

  • Online Facilitator’s Guide
  • Event Promotional Reproducibles
  • 30 Read & Rise Family Guides**
  • 30 Buld-a-Book Kits
  • Online step-by-step Facilitator Training Video
  • And more!
*The program cost is $4.99 per student and must be purchased in sets of 30, for a total of $149.70.

Additional sets can be purchased to accommodate larger groups.

**Materials in Spanish are available upon request.

During the Family Engagement Program , adult family members gain a deeper understanding of the important role they play as reading role models.

Part 1
Family Conversation Interactive Session (30 minutes):

  • Features facilitated discussion and high-quality, research based informational resources for families to use at home
  • Offers parents and family members a chance to talk about how to create literacy-rich home environments
  • Uses everyday activities to build children’s literacy skills


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Online Reading sites?

I am a starving artist(musician) trying to write songs and I need some help on some good online free sites that I can read good literature stories-passionate writers- whatever to help spark my creative writing~Cause I went to a shitty public school and don't feel I learned much now I'm trying to catch up~and I'm poor so buying books at the store isn't the best idea~I know I know people say write from the heart which is what i do~but i still think other literature is also a great tool~So is there any good free site's anyone know of to help me out with this-Thank's

GREAT sites!

GREAT sites! < jkkroll > 04/07/05 10:30
I am a kindergarten teacher and I know of some great sites.
The first is They have online storybooks that are interactive. There are also printable work book pages for more practice. This site is free, but they also have books and workbooks that you can buy at very reasonable prices.
The second is This site has an amazing amount of reading material. You do need a subscription for most of the materials but some are free. They have leveled readers, phonics readers, read alouds that cover each sound with a new story, and alphabet books that just show pictures that all start with the same sound

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  • Avatar Lakely Some are upset. Do you think it is fair to use the Gospel Enigma book for reference?
    May 09, 2008 by Lakely | Posted in Religion & Spirituality

    It's here: I'm asking, since it appears that my reference to this book seems is upsetting a number of people.

    It's the story of a couple of kids who interpret the Bible on their own. …need to know what you think. Is it fair to use the Gospel Enigma book for reference? And if not, I would like to know what you would suggest so that poeple could get the big picture on this non-theological point of view.

    • Actually Hosea is an expansion on Samual's statement to King Saul that God desires obedience not sacrifice.

      I don;t think it's fair to you to rely on the wisdom of a couple kids and set aside better thinkers