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Dr Seuss Read AloudDr Seuss is well-known for his ridiculous rhyming play on words in his many books for children. Of all the books by Dr Seuss, The Cat in Hat may be his most well-known book, besides being made into a children’s movie as well. We would like to take a look a Dr Seuss beginning books for children called There’s A Wocket in My Pocket. This delightful book delves into a child’s imagination and is narrated by a boy who tells us the story of the many bizarre creatures that he is aware of throughout his house, as well as what he thinks about them. First, take a look at the text and then the video of the online book reading of There’s a Wocket in My Pocket by Dr Seuss:

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Dr. Suess’s There’s a Wocket in My Pocket:

“Did you ever have the feeling there’s a WASKET in your BASKET? Or a NUREAU in your BUREAU?
Or a WOSET in your CLOSET?
Sometimes I feel quite CERTAIN there’s a JERTAIN in the CURTAIN.
Sometimes I have the feeling there’s a ZLOCK behind the CLOCK.
dr seuss books by dr seuss that ZELF up on that SHELF! I have talked to him myself.
That’s the kind of house I live in. There’s a NINK in the SINK.
And a ZAMP in the LAMP. And they’re rather nice…I think.
Some of them are very friendly. Like the YOT in the POT.
But that YOTTLE in the BOTTLE, Some are friendly.Dr Seuss books he ZABLE on the TABLE. And the GHAIR under the CHAIR.
But that BOFA on the SOFA…Well, I wish he wasn’t there.
All those NUPBOARDS in the CUPBOARDS, they’re good fun to have about.
But that NOOTHGRUSH on my TOOTHBRUSH… him I could do without!
The only one I’m really scared of is that VUG under the RUG.
And that QUIMNEY up the CHIMNEY… I don’t like him. Not at all.
Dr Seuss books for children it makes me sort of nervous when the ZALL scoots down the HALL.
But the YEPS on the STEPS They’re great fun to have around. And so are the many, many friends that I have found. Like the TELLAR and the NELLAR and the GELLAR and the DELLAR and the BELLAR and the WELLAR and the ZELLAR in the CELLAR.
And the GEELING on the CEILING…
…And the ZOWER in my SHOWER…
And the ZILLOW on my PILLOW. I don’t care if you believe it. That’s the kind of house I live in. And I hope we never leave it.”

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