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School Resource Catalog At Scholastic Book Fairs, we are always looking for new ways to improve how your Book Fair puts more books into the hands of students. So we asked you for input, ideas, and suggestions. As a result, we developed our enhanced profit and rewards program that brings more flexibility and spending power to your Book Fair earnings. The centerpiece of our program is our earnings currency – Scholastic Dollars.

Scholastic Dollars
You can spend them in more places and on more educational products than you’ve ever been able to before. Most Fairs still have the option of receiving cash as part of their profit program. However, Scholastic Dollars doubles the value of your cash profit option.

Earn More with Scholastic Dollars
When your Book Fair reaches the revenue goal of at least , 000 in our case Fair division, you may elect to maximize your earnings potential by redeeming all your earnings in Scholastic Dollars. If you do so, you will receive an additional bonus equal to 5% of your total sales to be spent on Scholastic products at any of the locations shown (above right).More Scholastic Book Fair Books promote a lifelong love of reading in children. For our table-top Fairs, please call your Book Fair consultant at 800-557-7323 for your profit options.

Shop the School Resource Catalog
You can redeem your Scholastic Dollars to purchase from over 1, 200 new products for your school, library and classrooms. Examples include:

  • All of our exclusive titles, new releases, best sellers and classic favorites
  • Over 900 library-bound titles
  • Over 100 new literature group book packages
  • Hand-picked selections from nearly every division of Scholastic and other leading educational publishers and manufacturers
  • NEW furniture and décor, including rugs, seating, and storage solutions
  • An expanded section dedicated to chairperson resources, with products to promote your Book Fair
  • Audio, professional books, reference, and much more...
Over 500 additional products not found in the print catalog are also available online at NEW products are added monthly so check back often! You can also shop your Scholastic Book Fair or your local Scholastic Book Fairs warehouse, which contains thousands of additional titles and products.

This program will help you provide even more books to your school and connect your students with the books that they really want to read.


Cartwheel Books May I Please Have a Cookie? (Scholastic Readers, Level 1)
Book (Cartwheel Books)

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We have about 500 kids' books

Probably 100 or so are holiday books that are packed away with the appropriate decorations and are only brought out at that time of year. We've got about 200 in our family room and then they each have a small bookshelf it their rooms.
Books are about the only thing I buy during the year when it's not a birthday or Christmas. We get a lot from the scholastic books orders at school. We get a lot as gifts as well.
We also typically have about 40 or so books out from the library.
We use an online encyclopedia.
I have a good 200 books, probably more, up in our rafters that are my chapter books from when I was a kid - all the Nancy Drews and Hardy...

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