Where to buy and sell second hand books online?

madbooks.com- buy and sell secondhandbooks onlineHola shoppers!Second hand books have always been a tempting choice for us, right since childhood. With e-commerce expanding hugely, buying books online has become easier with every passing day. A good news for readers and especially students is that now we can buy second hand books online too. But where from? After another thorough research, we have come up with a list of the best sites to buy and sell used books online. Take a look!

Disclaimer: Please note that the condition of books can’t be stated with guarantee in such cases. However, we have tried our best to provide you with precise details.

Works on a seller buyer model- like ebay/olx/quikr.

So why should you use MadBooks?

•Availability of books: 7.8/10
•Price Reasonability : 7.1/10
•Condition of books: You can use between as good as new, moderately used and old and used.
•Can you resell the books: No
•Shipping cost: Free on orders above 300
•Shipping time: 5 Business Days
•Payment mode: Cards(including cash card)/net banking/mobile payments
•Can you sell your used books: Yes
•Details for selling: Get started after registering for free here

friendsofbooks.com-buy and sell used books onlineThe website sells used and original books from its own stock and the differentiating factor is that they have Cash on Delivery (COD)

So what does this site has to offer?

•Availability of books: 6/10
•Price Reasonability : 7.6/10
•Condition of books: You can choose between As New, Very Good, Good and Fine
•Can you resell the books: No
•Shipping cost: Free in Delhi NCR. Other areas free shipping only on orders above 999
•Shipping time: 5- 6 days
•Payment mode: Cash on Delivery/Cards/Net banking
•Can you sell your used books: No

They have tied up with sellers and they ship through courier. Generally one copy per book is available and selling is on a first come first serve basis. However, you can request for a book if you don’t find one.

So what makes this site rank at third position?

•Availability of books: 6.5/10
•Price Reasonability: 7.5/10
•Condition of books: You can choose between excellent, medium and poor conditions. However, you can request for extra info like no of pages, copy of front/back cover page and detailed description
•Can you resell the books: Yes at 40% cost(excluding delivery) and only books which are at the max 3 months old since purchase
•Shipping cost: Free in these cities : Delhi / Faridabad / Gurgaon / NOIDA /U.P. / Rajasthan / Haryana / Punjab
Rest charges are different according to books and location
•Shipping time: The website claims 3 days
•Payment mode: Lengthy process. The steps involve sending money via cheque in your cash bucket ( created automatically during free registration) and using that for purchases

Source: dealsandreads.com

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I shopped on some websites w/free shipping and

(Not an ad - just my personal experience.)
Try LLBean for free shipping on any order (their anniversary celebration, until Christmas, I think).
Try Amazon for free shipping on any order of $25 (not hard to do at all, if you have several people to shop for), on most books and music.
Not as useful: free shipping on Toys/Amazon for orders over $100.
I've done sooooo much of my shopping online this year - and even when I have to pay shipping it's worth it. That just makes one less thing to pack in my suitcase for my trip home this Christmas. I've got to carry all my kid's stuff, so one less thing to pack is a blessing.

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