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This anime really suprised me…
It’s just amaziiiing!
once again I’ve watched an execllent anime thanks to those backgrounds AS puts for the title of the site :P
I was surprised beacause there werent any ecchi, sadistic sexual scenes or excess of masculinity in the anime as many other “drama/romance” series.
This one is completely natural and realistisc. The characters come in very natural situations and it shows many problems normal people have in their lives when it is about love :)

The story is about this country boy that moves to Tokyo to live with his aunt so he could study in a good university hoping to get a better life.
And he discovers that he’s gonna live is in a BathHouse. And this is where many people commit the mistake of not watching this beacause they think it is like Love Hina or one more of those perv animes. In fact there’s only 3 scenes in the bath in the entire anime so don’t worry.
There he encounters a girl he thinks is the symbol of perfection and as soon as he does that, he discovers that she is his neighbour. Anyway, both of them go in the same class and both of them got a sport history in their backgrounds so they even start training together. then they start getting a relationship, then the love triangle comes and bla bla bla. The more you watch the better and more complex the story gets.
And as a result you almost cry together with the characters.

The music is very good, all of them were very well chosen and used apropriately to each scenes of the anime. Sad music in the sad situation glad in the glad and they got even add dance music to complete the track. The perfect track for the perfect anime romance :]

Excelent! all of them well defined with diferent personalities. Very good indeed. Maybe some of them are a bit overextended in some angles but if not it is just perfect ;) Asahina is the best of them all. She is one of the reasons of why you want to continue watching, seeing that behind that perfection theres a clumsy, cute and shy girl that lived a extremly tragic moment in the past that she cant get rid off.

omg just explaining the story makes me wanna see that anime again hoping that the story will extend T.T it’s just too sad that this is only 26 episodes…And I still got the f*cking wonderfull music in my head i.i

and seriously im being quite honest to myself saying how incredible this anime is, if not I wouldn’t spend my time writing about it!


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