Sell Textbooks For Cash Offers ISBN Based Online Price

Sell Textbooks For Cash Offers ISBN Based Online Price Comparison Tool For Textbook Sales

Sell Textbooks For Cash has launched an online tool that allows users to compare the listed prices of used books on major merchant sites to ensure they can list them for the best price online.West Palm Beach,FL,United States of America - November 13th,2013

College is more expensive than ever,and in an economy that continues a longstanding downturn,many students are finding it harder than ever to fund their educations. Despite this,many of them have piles of mandatory textbooks that once the semester is over,are useless to them. Sell Textbooks for Cash is a site that encourages students to resell their old textbooks in order to make back their investment and put it back into their education. They have recently released an ISBN checking service that will tell individuals where they can get the best deal when selling their books.

All textbooks come with their ISBN listed on the cover,usually above the barcode used for retailers. This allows the booked to be cataloged in a library and easily identified during stock takes. Students can now use this number to find second hand copies being sold online and see how much others are getting for them,so they too can go where the best deal is.

The price comparison search offers price listings for major providers which can then be clicked through so that registered users can add their book for sale in the place they can demand the best price for it. The service is now also available on iPhone and Android.

A spokesperson for Sell Textbooks For Cash,“Because the ISBN is a universal means of identifying a book,it allows us to easily identify the book the student is trying to sell and cross reference the best price offered for that book from major providers like Amazon,eCampus and Sell Back Your Book. By performing this price comparison individuals can see where the demand for their book is highest and where they can get the best price,often recouping as much as 75% of the original retail value.”

About Sell Textbooks For Cash:
The Sell Textbooks For Cash search engine compares prices at all the online stores that buy textbooks to make sure students get the most possible cash for your textbooks when selling them. Sell Textbooks For Cash has been helping students get the best price for their old textbooks for over a year. They have helped students sell over $100, 000 worth of their textbooks.

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