Where to Sell Used Books Online and Build a Profitable Business

Online bookselling is a global market

Where to Sell Used Books Online

By Joe Waynick

This FREE REPORT teaches you where to sell used books online for enormous profits.

Before investing in home based businesses you want to ensure there’s a market for your products.

Luckily, a used bookseller has several well-established markets through which to sell used books to eager book buyers. In fact, the best way to sell books is through a fixed price online marketplace, an online auction website, an online book buyback service, classified advertising websites, or to your neighborhood book store.

Online Marketplaces

Soon you'll be shipping books to dozens of customers daily!A fixed price marketplace is an online website that allows third party sellers (like you and me) to sell products to the website’s customers. The marketplace takes a commission and processes the order payments. The used book seller ships orders to customers.

There are dozens of online marketplaces you can use to sell books worldwide. However, the big three marketplaces are:

1. Amazon.com
2. Abebooks.com
3. Alibris.com

Each marketplace has it’s own rules. But essentially, they all carry a monthly fee for professional online booksellers or a per item sold fee. In addition, they all charge a commission of up to 15% of the gross amount of the sale.

Online auctions work well for bulk salesAmazon.com

Make sure when you’re selling used books on Amazon that your profit margins are high enough to absorb the fees. You can do that by paying close attention to your Amazon pricing strategy.

Don’t get caught up in a vicious game of competing on price alone. Let the quality of your books and the strength of your feedback give you an edge.

Still, pound for pound, Amazon gives you the biggest bang for your buck.


Second runner up is Advance Book Exchange (Abe for you patriotic types). Once upon a time Abebooks was an independent online bookstore of third party sellers of rare books.

Source: www.internetbookselling.com

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  • Avatar clegger326 Books online?
    Apr 15, 2008 by clegger326 | Posted in Books & Authors

    Are there any places where i can read books for free online?
    i'd really like to know because i've run out of books at home & i'm trying to save money for college & a car so it'd be nice if i didn't have to buy book …e more modern books
    oh i 4got to ask is there a place where i can read the James Bond books by Fleming? I just thought it might be fun to read them since in my history class we just studied the history of espianoge

    • If you can spare about $10-$15 a month, you can try the equivalent of Netflix:

  • Avatar Books: Where the magic happens A choice between the books Frankenstein and The Scarlet Pimpernel?
    Feb 17, 2009 by Books: Where the magic happens | Posted in Books & Authors

    For my literature class i have a choice between reading Frankenstein, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and another which i have already ruled out. Which do you think i should read and why?

    (Also isn't The Scarlet Pimpernel similar to Zorro? I seem to remember watching something with Daffy Duck called the Scarlet Pumpernickel. Are there any relations?)

    • I liked the Scarlet Pimpernel, but then I read a lot of books by Baroness Orckzy. They,re good if you like period, romantic fiction, rather on the light side.

      I have not read Frankenstein, but, from what I know of Mary Wolstenholme, I would imagine that the quality of the prose is very good.