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The school and share the, a leading online shopping portal, is offering school books for kids of all standards at super discounted rates.

In this era when the education and books are becoming costlier day by day,, a popular e-commerce company has come up with this special offers for all the students to get the books that they require for studying at a good price.

The online retailer houses a wide range of books on all major disciplines such as Arts, Commerce, Science. However, these school books collection is not just limited to students but even teachers can go for books such as Teacher Training Books collection.

One can also find numerous activity books for school going kids which will help in development and all-round grooming. The collection includes textbooks, reference books, dictionaries, Atlas books, Practice books for Mathematics, vocabulary and language books, CBSE Question Bank books for High School and Higher Secondary school students.

Years spent in school are important and formative years in the life of kids and therefore, an extra care must be taken when it comes to buying school books. This online shopping portal houses the best collection of school books for all. For further details on this, please log on to


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Audio stories online?

Lately i've had some trouble falling asleep at night. one thing that's nice to do is lie there and listen to some erotic story being read. however i'm not able to locate any good (free) sites online. has anyone here ever come across a site with downloadable gay stories, sounds, etc.? something to help me pass time in the middle of the night...

Read some online porn stories

Re-enact them.
may I suggest that you start with "My Wife" by Dirty Dawg (no, that's not me)
It's a married couple that is in the dumps until the wife finds the husband jacking off to porn. It's actually a really sweet story that doesn't involve anyone beyond those 2.
you can find it on

Wow! Just read a story online

Wow! Just read a story online about a guy who has spent $60K in trying to get custody of a pet that was purchased while in a relationship with ex-girlfriend.
I have had animals my entire life and I think of them as part of my family but $60K in legal fees to just attempt to get custoday is excessive don't you think?

Online civility show

Heard this yesterday on NPR, it was about online comments and the pros and cons of anonymity when making comments about stories. Rayo bringing up tossing mom off the cliff makes me feel I should share this-
I'm all for anonymity, I always read the comments on articles and occasionally comment myself. Sure, there are the regular racist assholes saying the same stupid shit every single time but then there are plenty of honest comments that seem to me to be a real gauge on what people really think. Back in the day people spent their whole lives being polite and never speaking the truth, for a long time only people that liked to fist fight would speak the truth and now when a story comes out people all over the planet can say what they really think, even the mommies boys like JWT and...

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  • Avatar clegger326 Books online?
    Apr 15, 2008 by clegger326 | Posted in Books & Authors

    Are there any places where i can read books for free online?
    i'd really like to know because i've run out of books at home & i'm trying to save money for college & a car so it'd be nice if i didn't have to buy book …e more modern books
    oh i 4got to ask is there a place where i can read the James Bond books by Fleming? I just thought it might be fun to read them since in my history class we just studied the history of espianoge

    • If you can spare about $10-$15 a month, you can try the equivalent of Netflix:

  • Avatar Books: Where the magic happens A choice between the books Frankenstein and The Scarlet Pimpernel?
    Feb 17, 2009 by Books: Where the magic happens | Posted in Books & Authors

    For my literature class i have a choice between reading Frankenstein, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and another which i have already ruled out. Which do you think i should read and why?

    (Also isn't The Scarlet Pimpernel similar to Zorro? I seem to remember watching something with Daffy Duck called the Scarlet Pumpernickel. Are there any relations?)

    • I liked the Scarlet Pimpernel, but then I read a lot of books by Baroness Orckzy. They,re good if you like period, romantic fiction, rather on the light side.

      I have not read Frankenstein, but, from what I know of Mary Wolstenholme, I would imagine that the quality of the prose is very good.