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S.T.A.R. Labs is so lucky -- and they don't even know it. Not only do they get the handsome, brilliant uber-genius Virgil Hawkins, they also get the not-so-mild mannered, super-cool and fiercely awesome Static! --

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Static pursues Sunspot, a thief who stole a special plasma protection suit from S.T.A.R. Labs. As S.T.A.R. is Virgil's new after school job after his family's move to New York City, he was quick to the scene.

During the chase, Static realizes his electromagnetic blasts have no effect on the the thief, but he works around it by placing an electromagnetic field around the plasma bubble. Barely holding on, he drags Sunspot to the Queensboro Bridge, and smashes him into a support beam. Not only does Sunspot's suit short out, but so do all electrical devices on the bridge. Whilst Static is deflecting angry New Yorkers and their threats of lawsuits, Sunspot tries to flee, but not from Static -- as soon as Static grabs him, a sniper kills Sunspot.

Cover for Static Shock #1 (2011)Static tries to follow the ultraviolet photon trail, but the rising sun obscures the trails. Nearby, a gang on hover-bikes stands by, recording everything.

Meanwhile. Static communicates with Hardware, who advises against going back to the bridge to talk to the police, who have already tried to arrest him once. Instead, Static should go home, as his family will have heard of the robbery at S.T.A.R. by now, and could be worried. Static agrees, and thanks Hardware for setting him up at S.T.A.R., and reuniting the family with a long lost sister.

At a warehouse in the docks, a group gathers. The bikers from the bridge, people from the D.A.'s office, the police and the Slate Gang discuss the person who thwarted their heist of the Sunspot suit: Static. Because of serious financial implications, gang leader Tan decides to take no risks. Footage from the bridge shows the thief talked, but they do not know what he told Static. The corrupt detective has constructed a false history of gambling debts for the pilot, but that can off attention for long. Piranha suggests they take Static out just to be sure. All agree, and they select Virule to do the job.

Back home, Virgil rants at his sister for mailing a wrong photo on his high school application. He now has to walk around with a picture of his younger, bespectacled self on his card, and what's worse, his middle name Ovid too. His mother won't send in a new picture.


DC Comics Static Shock, Vol. 1: Rebirth of the Cool
Book (DC Comics)

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Today I am the greatest of all-time

Stupid me. i left that sports illustrated from about two months ago on a plane. it had that article on Rickey Henderson and the myths and realities of possibly the best and worst teammate a guy could have.
anyone else read this article? it was hilarious. i am hoping one of you can link me to it online.

We've cut back

New Yorker
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UsWeekly (read exclusively at the gym)
In the past few years I've let go of In Style and Real Simple (too repititive) I once had Ladies Home Journal bc it was free, but it was really too awful. I can't believe how trashy Cosmo seems now, but I probably have changed more than it.
We get our local paper and I read the NYTimes online. I miss the Wall Street Journal, but not enough to pay for online subscription.

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My interests are:
- General fitness, focus on athletics training. My sports/activities are swimming, sculling, cycling, and hiking.
- Resistance training with an eye to building/maintaining muscle mass, improving my activity performance (above), injury prevention (eg: lower back & core work, joint protection particularly shoulders & knees), strength & endurance (pretty much everything -- I want it all ;-)

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