Lily Aldridge Buys Her Own Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Exposes Lacy Underwear at Launch Party

Lily Aldridgeis a proud Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl, and you better believe she picked up a few copies of her issue!

The 28-year-old model Instagrammed a snap Tuesday that showed her "buying my first (2) copies " of the 50th anniversary mag featuring herself, Chrissy Teigen and Nina Agdal on the cover. She bundled up to go to the bodega, but hours later she wore a very revealing dress to the mag's 50th anniversary party at NYC's Swimsuit Beach House.

VIDEO: Chrissy, Nina and Lily share their best bikini poses

Jim Spellman/WireImage

Lily Aldridge, Sports Illustrated PartyLily's wowed in a midriff-baring all-black Thakoon ensemble with a slit in the skirt that exposed her decorative lacy underwear. She paired her risqué look with black heels and a dramatic red lip.

The brunette beauty had no qualms about sharing this year's cover with Nina and Chrissy, either. When asked who over really belonged to this year, Nina told Sports Illustrated's Swim Daily blog diplomatically, "All of us."

But Chrissy saw things a little differently, explaining, "If I were to pick...I would have to say our butts won it."


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Today I am the greatest of all-time

Stupid me. i left that sports illustrated from about two months ago on a plane. it had that article on Rickey Henderson and the myths and realities of possibly the best and worst teammate a guy could have.
anyone else read this article? it was hilarious. i am hoping one of you can link me to it online.

We've cut back

New Yorker
New Republic
Sports Illustrated
UsWeekly (read exclusively at the gym)
In the past few years I've let go of In Style and Real Simple (too repititive) I once had Ladies Home Journal bc it was free, but it was really too awful. I can't believe how trashy Cosmo seems now, but I probably have changed more than it.
We get our local paper and I read the NYTimes online. I miss the Wall Street Journal, but not enough to pay for online subscription.

Fitness books/refs: what do you read & why?

Browsing online, at bookstores, and the library, I've been looking for good references to help fill out my fitness knowledge. What do y'all recommend and why?
My interests are:
- General fitness, focus on athletics training. My sports/activities are swimming, sculling, cycling, and hiking.
- Resistance training with an eye to building/maintaining muscle mass, improving my activity performance (above), injury prevention (eg: lower back & core work, joint protection particularly shoulders & knees), strength & endurance (pretty much everything -- I want it all ;-)

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