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Marcia Schuyler

When her sister abandons her intended groom at the altar, Marcia steps into her place. Family members are outraged and new husband David harbors doubts about marrying a stand-in. If their marriage is to succeed, David needs to recognize the true, sweet nature that Marcia brings to the union.

Lo, Michael

True selflessness shines through when young street urchin Michael risks his life to save wealthy Starr Endicott. Years later, he meets Starr in the city again. Ever honorable, he tries to keep his feelings in check, but when a suitor with bad intentions comes after Starr, he cannot stay away.

Categories: Historical Romance, Inspirational Romance

Cloudy Jewel

Believing she will forever be merely the spinster aunt, Julia settles in as a servant in her sister's house. She is about to become much more than a servant to her niece and nephew, and along with them learns lessons on love in both the human and spiritual realms.

Categories: Historical Romance, Inspirational Romance

The Gift of the Magi - A Short Story

A delightful Christmas classic about a young married couple with very little money who each, without telling the other, give up something of value to earn money to buy the other a special Christmas gift. It is a sentimental love story with a twist ending that gives a moral lesson about gift-giving.

Categories: Romance, Inspirational Romance

The City of Fire

The City of Fireby Grace Livingston Hill

Modern girls can have morals too. That is the message written into the character of Lynn Severn, daughter of a small-town minister. Lynn is puzzled by the changes that have come between her and her childhood playmate, Mark Carter, as they grow older in this coming-of-age romance.

A Courageous Battle

Lacey Wilson overcomes neglect as a child and abuse in her first marriage to find fame and fortune and true love. When cancer strikes Lacey wants help to die. Her daughter will help but her doctor does not approve and those two have fallen in love. Can they resolve the conflict?

Categories: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational Romance


To settle a bet, phonetics professor Henry Higgins teaches a cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, that being a lady means more than just speaking like a lady. The witty, rags-to-riches play was later adapted into a musical and film called "My Fair Lady."

Categories: Romance, Historical Romance, Inspirational Romance

Brownsmiths Boy - A Romance in a Garden

From death new life grows in this story about the young Grant Dennison and his education in the natural world of the garden and the larger, more harrowing, world outside its bounds. When his mother dies, Grant is taken in by a skilled gardener, Old Brownsmith, whose plot of land harbors the usual fruits and vegetables as well as a wild boy Grant longs to understand.

A Spinner in the Sun

by Myrtle Reed

A veiled lady returns to her old home and lives in solitude; her neighbors never see her face. What is Evelina hiding under the veil? If anything will convince her to shed her mask, and reveal the past it hides, it is the old-fashioned romance offered by a patient suitor called Piper Tom.

A Spinner in the Sun Marcia Schuyler


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And I completely agree with

The whole trust thing!
I read stories online...a lot....and the hopeless romantic in me picks the ones where in the end there is a deep love between the people and everyone lives happily ever after. And I want that. I know the happily ever after part may not happen, but I want the deep love that people end up feeling. I just don't know how or where to find it.

Reposting from last night

Its actualy a fairly common fantasy :)
I'd say its a kidnap D/S romance
If you're looking to read fiction with similar themes
there's - they have everything from really rough stories to some farily romantic ones - they are free.
and then there are a crapload of romantic erotica publishers (including plenty of kidnap fantasies - both gentle and rough ones)
a lot of them sell their e-books on
then, there's always the library :) yes, you can find erotica, including kidnap fantasies at the library

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