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I have many reasons

I won't list the ones that I came upon after I learned that there is such a term as "atheist" and got into researching it, but I'll list my earlier realizations as they came to me:
Early Childhood: I heard the neat stories about Noah, David and Goliath, and something about a guy in a whale by my mom mostly. Also was read The Time Machine, watched a little Star Trek, got taught that science was cool, and had a big encyclopedia set, didn't make much distinction between Jonah's whale and Pinocchio's since I was told Pinocchio's was "just pretend" and Jonah's sounded pretty similar

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    I am going to be using an airport that has the Full Body Scanner.
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    • Well, first, you should know that you will NOT "be in porn" if you go through a scanner! Those images are seen only by professional employees specifically trained to look for dangerous items, and are not saved. …r (very quick and easy!). Where there was no scanner, I went through the enhanced patdown since I have a pacemaker and cannot go through the metal detector things. It is MUCH quicker and easier to go through the scanner.