Kama Sutra... the 3D version: New app allows couples to study book's positions on their smartphones

Digital loving: The Karma Sutra for app lovers worldwide has just been launchedBy

04:41 EST, 9 August 2013

The Kama Sutra has been brought into the 21st century with an app that enables couples to study its poses in 3D.

The technology transforms the ancient Hindu manual’s illustrations into holograms which pop up in front of a smartphone or tablet to give users a complete view of the guide’s sexual diagrams.

The free app comes with a new version of the text, which was originally written in Sanskrit 2, 000 years ago.

Digital loving: The Karma Sutra for app lovers worldwide has just been launched

Each image can be seen from all angles meaning users are offered an un-obstructed, complete view.

New launch: The Kama Xcitra app, seen here utilising 'sexed' up hologramsThe Kama Xcitra promises to help couples master positions set out in the original book and ensure they are brought 'closer to the action than ever before'.

The app works in conjunction with 69 poses and allows users to customise the appearance of models, changing hair and skin colour as well as adding music as a soundtrack.

A spokesman for the publishers of the Kama Xcitra, which is available on Amazon, said people had turned to the Kama Sutra for guidance on having a fulfilling love life for centuries. But she added: ‘Some of the more challenging positions like the Prone Tiger, the Catherine Wheel or the Peg have left readers a little baffled. Until now.’

The Kama Sutra is widely considered to be the primary Sanskrit work on human sexuality.

It was first translated into English in 1883 under the guidance of Victorian explorer Richard Burton.

New launch: The Kama Xcitra app, seen here utilising 'sexed' up holograms

Notoriety: Former US President Bill Clinton seen here accepting a copy of the hardback version in 1998

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Da Capo Press The Modern Kama Sutra: The Ultimate Guide to the Secrets of Erotic Pleasure
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Even if you aren't aware of something "missing",

It could be that there are some things you could bring up which would stimulate more passionate interactions. You don't mention what you and s.o. are into, so it is difficult to suggest options, but there are many simple things Master and I do on a semi-regular basis to stay in touch with where we are at with our sexuality. Here are a few:
- Read stories to each other. There is a variety of erotica available, both online and in bookstores, and it is a fun way to loosen things up and explore things you may not want to just come out and talk about. Here is a great online site:

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  • Avatar Taylor Best Kama Sutra book?
    Jan 23, 2013 by Taylor | Posted in Books & Authors

    I need a book that is on Kama Sutra or a sex book similar to it. I just want something with some good new ideas that has a little of everything. Something fun. I looked online but I didn't realize there were so many so n …e who have books they really like. Please give me a little information about the book so I know whats in it. Please be serious. If you don't know what your talking about just spam someone else's question xD Thank you :D!

    • You should be able to find a Kama Sutra as translated by Burton on line. Check Gutenberg. If you are lucky they will have one with his commentary and annotations.

  • Avatar shyeah, Buying The Kama Sutra Book?
    Oct 25, 2009 by shyeah, | Posted in Books & Authors

    Hey i was just looking for the Kama Sutra on amazon and I noticed theres multiple different ones.

    I was looking for the one containing red figures showing the positions as Ive had a quick flick through my friends a couple of years ago and it looked great. I cant seem to find it online or know for sure which one it is.

    Could anyone link me/tell me the exact name or author of this specific edition of Kama Sutra?

    • Like you say, there are so many different versions.

      You'd do best to ask your friend or else go to a large bookshop where you can breowse through the different versions - and then buy the one you like online